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Three weeks in ...

The Dodgers lineup:

Rafael Furcal, .356 AVG/.433 OBP/.475 SLG/.907 OPS

Matt Kemp, .333/.480/.750/1.150 (!!!!!!)

Andre Ethier, .400/.471/.689/1.159

Manny Ramirez, .421/.510/.684/1.194

James Loney, .317/.338/.381/.719

Casey Blake, .313/.365/.521/.886

Blake DeWitt, .263/.404/.263/.667 (Blake, you're throwing off the curve).

Russell Martin, .317/.442/.439/.881

Team batting: .315/.387/.488/.876

The Dodgers pitching staff:

Team ERA: 5.37


OK, back to the hitting:

Ronnie Belliard, .409/.409/.773/1.182

Reed Johnson, .292/.292/.417/.708 ...


I'll trade you some of the Mariners pitchers for some of your hitters.

Anonymous said…
I still have no idea how they dropped the first two games of the season to the Buccos. I guess they needed to shake off the cobwebs...
JD's Daddy said…
you know its funny, I just played a set against these guys in "MLB10 The Show" and they had similar stats and ripped me a new one. That game is spot on, I tell ya!