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Cardboard appreciation: 1976 Topps Mike Schmidt

(The definition of a perfect day: No work. A fun-filled diversion. Dinner with family at a fantastic restaurant. The Dodgers beat the Giants. ... Man, it's easy to appreciate the perfect day. They're few-and-far between. Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 61st in a series):

So, did you make it to the card show? Sure did.

Did you have success? Oh, most certainly.

Did you have failure? Yes. A few, actually.

Were there moments of panic? There was one. A big one.

What lesson did you learn from this card show? I can find cards that I want no matter what the card gods throw at me.

When are you going to display what you got? Tomorrow, hopefully.

How are you going to display it? That's the question. The cards I purchased are all over the place. So I could easily split it up into a couple of posts. But what does everyone think? Should I feature the cards in one massive post or split it up into a couple of posts (modern and vintage)? Leave a comment on your opinion or vote in the poll on the sidebar, which will be up for a very brief time period.

What'd you have for dinner? An awesome Italian dish. Might be the best thing I eat all year.

What was the biggest annoyance of the show, aside from the moment of panic? The main gate to the building was closed. I had to drive way out my way to get to the parking lot.

Give us a hint: what did you get? I'll just tell you I got at least one card from each decade, from the 1950s to today.

Did you have success finding stuff for the winner of your 100,000 hits contest? Yes. I think she will be pleased.

Did you get anything for some other bloggers? I found stuff for five lucky people. Then the money ran out.

What does the '76 Topps Mike Schmidt card, the best Schmidt card ever made, have to do with all of this? Do I have to tell you everything? Can't you figure something out for yourself?

Details to come.


Matt Runyon said…
One vote for separate vintage/modern posts.

word verification: testrucl
beardy said…
Am I a lucky person?
capewood said…
I'm not sure I agree that the '76 is the best Schmidt card. My favorite is his rookie card because it took me so long to find one at a price I was willing to pay.
capewood said…
And honestly, I completely forgot that Ron Cey is also on the Schmidt rookie.