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Awesome night card, pt. 66

Perhaps you've heard that this is the blog of the year. One of those award shows said so.

I'm not sure how that happened. I didn't win "most creative blog," or "best designed blog" or "blog trader of the year," or "box breaker of the year," but I ended up with "blog of the year." My blog is like one of those players who doesn't lead in any significant statistical category but ends up with the MVP award.

Oh, no! I'm the Jimmy Rollins of card blogs!

Anyway, receiving recognition makes me uncomfortable. I've won writing awards before. Once I even had to go to a state-wide banquet to pick up the award. Thank goodness I didn't have to give a speech, or you never would have gotten me within 100 miles of the place. It was bad enough walking up to the front to accept the certificate.

Personally, my vote goes to this blog or this blog. And I certainly don't expect to win it next year, not with this blog back. But I am glad that what I write interests people. I never expected that.

That's it for the speech. I'll just thank the academy, express my appreciation for their hard work, and move forward with more inane posts.

Happy two thousand ten. Er, twenty ten. What are we calling this year now?


SpastikMooss said…
Congratulations on the title! Here's one blog writer who definitely thinks you deserved it!
Spiff said…
Couldn't have been awarded to a better blog. Congratulations!
Congrats, but dont ever compare this blog to Jimmy Rollins again!!!! LOL
Jim said…
Congratulations and thanks for the daily great reading!

J-Roll will tell you how hard it is to repeat though . . .
I know you won't like the Yankee reference, but you're more like the Joe DiMaggio of blogs...a hit every day! If that insults you I'll take it back...but I won't like it. I do agree that there are a number of great blogs out there, but you are among them so Congrats.

Oh, about the year, my son is calling it OH-Ten as in Madden 0-10. I don't like that so much.
dayf said…
Congrats! I loves ya too Owlie! I voted for you!

No wait, I voted for Wax Heaven.

I still loves ya!
Drew said…
you can post the trophy on your sidebar if you want too
night owl said…
I'd like to Drew, but none of the trophy images show up when I click on your blog.
Drew said…
Email Beardy if you are having trouble it seems like everyone is having trouble with these. He will send you the trophy and it looks like it's worked so far. Thanks for the heads up, Drew

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