Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Split decision

I really have no time for anything not connected to the job today (and it's my day off, so explain THAT).

But I wanted to get the unpleasantness on the sidebar out of the way.

For the first time ever, a vote for the greatest '70s card has ended in a tie.

Here are the vote totals for my man, Vida Blue:

1971 Topps: 23 votes
1973 Topps: 23 votes
1974 Topps: 8 votes
1975 Topps: 6 votes
1976 Topps: 1 vote
1977 Topps: 1 vote
1978 Topps: 1 vote
1979 Topps: 1 vote
1972 Topps: 0 votes

Good gracious I hate ties. Ties are the reason we have annoying gimmicks like penalty kicks and shootouts. And why college football suddenly turns into a "25 yards out" travesty that hardly resembles the previous four quarters. (I nearly alerted someone the first time I watched an extra-inning high school softball game and saw a player magically appear on second base. I thought they were cheating).

The '73 Topps Vida jumped out to an early lead, which I thought might happen, but then the '71 Vida slowly crept up in votes until we're in the situation we're in now.

I won't say I don't know what to do, because I do know what to do:

Break the tie and pick the Vida I like best.

I like this one best.

Besides, I don't even own this one.

And that can't happen.

It looks like I finally got to vote in one of my polls after all.


  1. You got to play President of the Senate and break the tie. Viva Democracy!

  2. How can one man have the best name in baseball and two of the best cards?

  3. You can't really go wrong with either of those.

  4. Both of those cards are awesome! If you really want to scratch your head... check out his 2012 Topps Archives card, which features the 1976 design. Had Topps originally used that photo in 1976 I'm pretty sure 76 would have gotten more than one lone vote. This could have possibly been a three headed monster.

  5. I voted for the '73 but your choice is fair.