Sunday, September 22, 2013

Awesome night card, pt. 191: oh-for-37

Almost four years ago, I wrote a post about the all-time worst Dodger seasons by position, basically assembling a team consisting of those worst Dodger seasons.

This was two full years before Eugenio Velez graced the Dodgers with his presence. He really did wear a Dodger uniform, right?

It's difficult to tell because in 2011, Velez received 37 at-bats for the Dodgers and was retired every single time. He did manage to walk a couple of times, but good gosh that O-fer makes everything else irrelevant.

Velez's 0-for-37 stands out because it is the longest any position player has ever gone, in terms of at-bats, without a hit in a season. And it is all Velez has to show for his Dodger career. Because the Dodgers let him go free after the season, understandably.

Since that time, Velez has been signed by the Cardinals and let go, signed by the Blue Jays and let go, signed by the Brewers and ... well the season isn't over yet.

With each of those teams, he didn't get called up. So Velez's 0-for-37 performance with the Dodgers very well could be how he ends his major league career. (He also holds the overall hitless streak with 46 straight at-bats without a hit -- he broke All-Time Worst Dodger Seasons team member Bill Bergan's record from 1909). Considering how Velez was able to function OKish for the Giants between 2007-10, I have only a little sympathy for how things turned out.

In fact, if I could, I would put him on the All-Time Worst Dodger Seasons team and update that post that I did.

But that team was reserved for starting players and Velez wasn't a regular player, thank goodness.

But he does win a spot on the Worst Dodger Seasons team bench ... easily.

An .000/.075/.000 slash line needs to be rewarded.


Night Card binder candidate: Eugenio Velez, 2008 Upper Deck, #348
Does it make the binder: Yes. The binder has been known to reward failure, too.

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