Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sick scoreboard card, pt. 7

I miss the carefree days of postseasons past.

With the exception of last year's World Series, I haven't suffered through much angst over the two teams who have made it to the Series in recent years. They've been harmless enough participants. I picked a team to root for, but when you got right down to it, it didn't matter. Rays or Phillies? I was happy with either one, actually. White Sox or Astros? Dag nabbit, couldn't they both win?

Such was the case with the Tigers and Cardinals in 2006. I sided with the Cardinals, but enjoyed watching the Tigers and their Rookie of the Year, Justin Verlander, contend for the title. I would've been happy either way.

But not this year.

In each playoff series there is a team I most definitely DO NOT want to win.

For a lot of people, if they don't have a particular rooting interest in the four teams that are left, they are siding with the smaller market teams, the Rangers and Giants. But I can't think that way. That's because there are two teams involved -- one in each league -- that I have HATED since childhood.

The Yankees are my least favorite American League team. The Giants are my least favorite National League team. It has been that way for DECADES. Don't give me that garbage about "oh, I've always hated them since Barry Bonds was on the team."

I have always hated the Giants since John Montefusco was on the team. Don't know who he is? Look him up. He was a blasted Yankee, too.

As for the Yankees, they've been pissing me off for decades, too. You Red Sox fans who discovered your hatred for New York when Aaron Boone hit that homer? I was there for Bucky Dent. And before that, Reggie Jackson.

I know there are thousands upon thousands of fans who have been rooting against teams for longer than I have, but when you've disliked two teams for 35 years and end up seeing both of them in the playoffs at the SAME TIME, you tend to have a different perspective on the postseason than other people.

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent, but it also illustrated how different the recent postseasons were for me. That's why I'm looking back fondly on '06, as well as Verlander's great 2008 Masterpieces card that commemorated his no-hitter in 2007.

Things were a little more pleasant back then.

And that's why I'm giving this scoreboard card ...

... Four out of four disembodied hand claps.

It's a sick, sick, sick, sick scoreboard card.

OK, now back to the angst-ridden game.


  1. ah, yes, one of my all-time favorite cards. I have the blue-bordered one as well, sooo nice. And, it's just a perfect card to have the scoreboard of his no-no. I really need to get the black border one.

  2. As long as there's not another Yankees-Phillies world series, I'm content. That was the most brutal thing I've had to endure.

  3. I hope you enjoyed last night's late game...or at least enjoyed the result. It's great to see a manager as unlikable as Girardi getting raked over the coals for his buffoonish attempts at "strategy", such as putting the go-ahead run on base with a two-out intentional walk, only for Bengie Molina of all people to hit a 3-run homer right after it. As I remarked on Twitter, I heard enough anguished groans from the Yankee fans to get me through the rest of the week.

  4. I'm going to be angst ridden on Friday night.

    Nice card by the way.

  5. I pulled this same card the other day! It's pretty nice. I like the action of the shot and of course the scoreboard in the background is cool too.

  6. As a Giants fan, '77, '78, and '81 were the worst years. How does one even watch a series like those? And '09 was nearly a disaster, too, but the Phils made it in.

    Of course I know who Montefusco is, and I know who Steve Garvey is, too. That guy could play a triple header in Death Valley in July and still have perfect hair. Sick.