Thursday, October 28, 2010

He can trade with you, too 2

The results are in for Roy White's best 1970s card. It was a fairly close race between the 1971, 1978 and 1976 entries. Two cool action shots and a photo of a guy with a lot of hair.

But in the end, the 1971 card received the most votes (8-to-6-to-5) and will now reside in the "best of the '70s section" of the sidebar. I thank those who voted. I realize White isn't as well-known as some of the other guys, but he means just as much to me as some of the stars from that decade.

Now, it's fitting that I'm showing a Roy White card because I'm getting ready to reveal the other half of the contents from the package from Jerry.

The first half were all cards from my wants -- either Dodgers or set needs.

The second half was this ...

... and this ...

... and this ...

... and this ...

That's right. He sent me 50 Don Mattingly cards.

Jerry likes to live dangerously -- sending a Yankee hater Yankee cards.

But that's not telling the whole story. Jerry did see this post. And I did say in that post that I was trying to move past Don Mattingly's Yankee-ness and embrace his Dodger-ness as L.A.'s new manager. I also said I was trying to hold on to the few Mattinglys that I had, and wouldn't mind obtaining a few more.

Well, chalk up another wish granted through this here blog. I've got me a lot more Mattinglys.

The last time Donny Baseball was on this blog, I counted down the favorite Mattinglys that I had in my collection. I think I'll do that again, only among the Mattingly cards that Jerry sent. But I'll keep it to a Super 7.

7. 1994 Leaf: Mattingly getting brushed back by the Brewers. Judging by the background, absolutely no one was outraged by this.

6. 1995 Pinnacle: Mattingly responded to that chin music by hitting one out against Detroit. Or maybe it was foul. Hard to tell.

5. 1994 Fleer: No doubt about this one. Mattingly definitely has himself a hit. By the way, everything looks better on 1994 Fleer.

4. 1995 Collector's Choice SE: Donny Baseball is sticking his tongue out at the baseball. Seems immature to me, but you'll never accuse ballplayers of being too stuffy.

3. 1989 Fleer For the Record: You can't go wrong with a Bazooka-like design. It makes even a static shot by Mattingly look interesting.

2. 1994 Collector's Choice team checklist: Judging by the program a fan is holding out, Mattingly is signing at an Angels game. Apparently, in front of a stadium filled with 126 fans.

1. 1993 Upper Deck Then & Now hologram: Weeeeee! This is the card that I mourned trading away on the previous post. It's back in my hot little hands again. It's really an awesome-looking card.

So, how about that? I end up with a stack of Yankees, and I don't mind at all!

Jerry helped me in a lot of collecting areas, and I'll be happy to pass along the email addresses of those who said they'd like to trade with him. I'll probably pass along a few more addresses, too, from some of you folks maybe too shy to speak up.

I think you'll see it will be worth it. He not only helped me knock off some wants, but he also helped me add another state to my trade map:

Alabama is the latest state on the list to include a resident with whom I've traded. Thirty-seven down and 13 to go.


  1. I am glad to know that I am not the only blogger who tracks trades by state. I am surprised that I have more states covered than you though... There are card collectors all over the place, but I can't recall ever getting a package from South Dakota... I still owe you a trade post and I have a package heading your way...

  2. You can always send me the Mattingly cards...he's my favorite player and multiple times I've tried to build a collection of all his cards (but each time I've ended up selling them off.)

    I think I've mentioned this before but your blog is incredibly slowly-loading for me...if it were not for the high-quality content, it would be enough to dissuade me from reading it.

  3. I find a number of other card blogs take a noticeably longer time to load than mine does, Andy.

    But I'm going to pair down some of the sidebar stuff and see if that helps.

  4. Mattingly was my first favorite player. I got his autograph this week at an AFL game. Even though he will be managing the D-Backs division rival I wish him well as manager of the Dodgers.