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OK, Opening Day, you have my attention

This weekend is occupied by things other than baseball cards. I haven't had much time do my usual blog reading or commenting. I rather hate that.

But one item did catch my attention. The good folks at Cardboard Connection released the first pictures of Topps Opening Day for 2011.

I know, I know. Nobody cares about Opening Day, especially since Topps showed last season that it can't even make it different from the base set.

But the picture that caught my attention was this:

Apparently there is an Opening Day insert set or subset called "Under the Lights," which features selected stars with night game backgrounds.

(*slobber, slobber, drool*)

Um, how shall I say this? ...


I can't believe Topps would do this to me. I never collect the Opening Day set, and I am already 75 percent certain that I am not collecting next year's base set. So they go and throw this night card series in a low-end set on me?

Well played, Mauer.

Don't ever pretend you don't read my blog again, Topps. I know you're trying to get me to care about your flimsy modern product again. You've heard I've stopped trying to complete the chrome set, heard I've threatened to not collect the 2011 A&G set, heard about my reservations over the base set, and even spied on my unspoken thoughts about going all vintage, haven't you?

So you hit me where I am the weakest, and play the night card card.

Well, you are not going to get your way.

Instead, I am asking all you collectors out there, those who dare to buy packs of Opening Day, to please, please trade me any of these "Under the Lights" cards in 2011. You will be doing a good deed, you will be rewarded, and Topps will have failed in luring me back into its lair.

Topps is not going to get me to buy Opening Day cards next year, no matter how devious they get.

What's next? Alyssa Milano Topps Attax cards?


Captain Canuck said…
I can't help but wonder while I look at the strange colour tinge in the lights and text on that card...... could these be glow in the dark?
Anonymous said…
I immediately thought of you when I saw that, Night Owl. And good call, CC -- I bet you're right on the glow-in-the dark.
BA Benny said…
When I saw that post I thought of you as well. I will certainly send you any doubles of those when I build that set as I do every year.
Fuji said…
Maybe they'll read my blog and create a set of sumo wrestlers or draft busts.. I seriously envy you.
I predict you'll have a number of packages containing those cards within a week of their release. As such, I hereby claim one Mauer dupe you receive.

Oh, and I'm buying a blaster of those Alyssa Milano Attax cards when I see them. For research purposes....yea, that's it, research.