Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cardboard appreciation: I have questions

(Today is "Moment of Frustration Day." Again, I did not make this up. But I certainly could have. Still, I don't know how we're supposed to limit this to just one day a year. Plenty of frustration to go around. Anyway, let's turn our attention to something more pleasant. It's Cardboard Appreciation time. This is the 85th in a series):

I've got a lot of cards scanned. But for some of them I have only a little bit to say. So I figured "why not put them all together here and maybe I can get some answers?"

Or not.

So here are some cards, from the Wondering Night Owl:

Is this the tightest head shot in the history of baseball cards?

Is this the most awkward uniform number placement in the history of baseball cards?

If I told you I once owned this jacket, except that it didn't feature the "Astros" name line, would you think less of me?

One of these players has plead guilty to federal charges. The other hasn't. Yet we hold the guilty one in higher esteem. Why is that?

Did Nick Swisher obtain his personality from his father (shown here) or his mother? And most importantly, can he give it back?

Does this still look weird to you?

How many home runs will he hit against the Giants? Please phrase your answer in the form of double figures.

Is Larry Walker sinking?

Finally, if talking to Garry Templeton was like talking to a brick wall, then would this photo be redundant?

That is all.

Thanks and good night.


  1. Let's go in order:
    1. Yes, at least a tie.
    2. It must be. That was just a bad idea, but it was the White Sox.
    3. It had those colors? Then probably yes.
    4. Is that really true? Not with me. And it's just wrong. No question.
    5. Explain please.
    6. That is wrong on many levels.
    7. Eleventeen.
    8. Yes, that or the groundscrew must have been on strike.
    9. I'm not sure of the answer to that question, but that has to be in the top 10 all-time worst photos on a baseball card.

  2. why we hold Sammy in higher esteem than Duke? Probably because most of us were not able to witness Duke in his playing days. I'm pushing the 40 and Duke was well before my time and I've only mostly seen him in action in my Dodgers World Series highlight film DVD.

    Ryan Howard - probably 2 homers in the NLCS. I bet Werth is the homer stud for the Phillies in the NLCS.

    Yogi in a uniform other than the Yankees. Not weird at all. I started collecting in 1981 so Yogi had some card appearances as a manager in the timeframe of junk wax shortly after I started. Yogi in a Yanks suit to me is from video highlight clips or from seeing him in pinstripes at Yankee Old *arts Day appearances.

  3. I never saw Duke or any of the other old-timers play, but that doesn't mean I have more respect for a known cheater, just because I saw him play. This isn't about whether or not other people cheated or who cheated, it's about the way they go about their business.

  4. Sure - I can answer the Ryan Howard question in double figures. The answer is 00. :)

  5. Commenters, It was Duke who we hold in high regard despite his felonious failure to report card show income.