Friday, October 22, 2010

Lowdown, dirty, rotten, piece of ... hey, look! Cards!

I'm a little bent out of shape over the events of the day, irked by certain human beings' inability to show common respect for others.

It'll sort itself out -- or I'll sort it out FOR certain people. But in the meantime, cards will do what they've been doing since I was a youngster -- smoothing out the rough edges of a sharp and twisted day.

These cards are from BA Benny, who found some items I might like in the buffet line and sent them my way. He wasn't even prompted. See? That's the way human beings are SUPPOSED to act. Giving is good. Stealing is bad. That's a basic primer for people who haven't learned to function in everyday society. And there are so many of them.

Stay with me, I'm slowly working things out. The cards will help me.

I'll start off with a Rafael Furcal Bowman goldie. I have to add up my gold cards and see which player has the most golds. I bet Furcal is right up there. Kershaw, too. But Kershaw was on purpose. Furcal happened by accident.

Jayson Werth just hit a home run in the top of the ninth for the Phillies against the Giants. That has helped make some of the bad thoughts go away. But not all of them.

When will I have all the Dodger cards from the 1980s? When, oh, when? I know what you're saying -- this is not a card, it's a sticker. Shut up. I'm in no mood. ... Oh, wait. The Phillies just won the game? Still not in the mood.

What happened to Jake Peavy? Is he still playing? See what happens when you go to the American League?

OK, all you ill-behaving morons out there, here is your poster child on how to behave. Thome knows.

Pee Wee knows, too. He was the ultimate in considering others' feelings. Great card. Great player. Great human.

Possibly my most favorite mini card ever. The first pro baseball game EVER played under lights. It happened between a team from Grand Rapids, Mich., and a team from Zanesville (I don't know if that's Zanesville, Ohio). Grand Rapids won 11-10.

The back of the card also says the first non-professional night game happened between teams from two Boston department stores on Sept. 2, 1880.

I'm guessing the photo on this Topps 206 card is not from either of those two games, unfortunately.

But still a great, great card, and very thoughtful of BA Benny.

Thanks for acting like a decent human being, sir.

That helped.

Love this hobby.

Go Phillies!


  1. Zanesville, OH was a place we stayed between DC and Indiana.

    Sorry about the craptacular day. Just remember, it could be worse. You could have to watch Offerman play shortstop again.

  2. That is a great mini.

    You'll have a better tomorrow...or is it already tomorrow where you are? Anyway...I wouldn't want to be the person you're mad at. Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. Don't hate me.

  3. Hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow.

    A Thome Dodger card? I didn't know there was one out there. I gotta get my hands on that.

  4. Cards cheer me up too... It will be better manana... Keep your head up and keep your binders full!

  5. I've traded cards with someone from Zanesville, OH, just can't remember who it is right now....