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Seasons greetings

When I first heard about the Topps Chrome value packs, containing three orange refractors apiece and only available via retail, I thought it was a good idea.

The price was a bit steep to be considered a "value," but it was a lot easier justifying throwing a 10 dollar bill at cards instead of a 20. So I've boughten a small amount.

The thing that I thought was unusual is something that probably only I would notice -- why the color orange?

I had grown accustomed to gorgeous blue refractors, and the less pleasing but no less pleasant purple refractors, or red, or black.

But orange? It seemed like an odd color choice. Sure, Bowman had used orange refractors before and Topps and Bowman are the same thing. But, to me, orange was the exclusive domain of Bowman.

Bowman always seemed a bit clueless about color. It would combine orange with red in a puke-inducing display, or produce the ugliest shade of blue I've ever seen, and trot it out for the masses.

But Topps? They were too good for a slightly weird color like orange.

Oh, I know orange goes well with the Orioles.

And it goes well with the Astros.

It definitely works with the Mets.

And the Giants defile the color on a regular basis.

But for the most part, I think collectors would rather have blue or black refractors. They look awesome in a stack together. Orange? Not so much.

But then something struck me. What month did Topps Chrome come out?

It came out in October.

What color do you see all the time in October?

That's right, you see the color orange all the time in October. Pumpkins and leaves and candy corns.

"What if," I thought, "Topps had planned this all along?"

What if they color-coordinated their refractors with the holiday? Orange refractors for Halloween.

And, what if Topps had a plan to do this for every holiday, you know like how M&M's rolls out the red and green M&Ms for Christmas?

Topps could issue exclusive red and green refractors for December. It could either issue them as part of a Bowman Chrome value pack, or produce new Topps Chrome value packs to boost stagnant sales two months after they first hit shelves.

Why not? It's possible. Then, in February, Topps could issue pink refractors for Valentine's Day and pair them up with the new 2011 product.

During the spring, they could go with Easter color refractors, pink and purple and yellow.

And during July, they could come out with patriotic red-and-blue refractors.

Do you think I'm on to something?

I kind of doubt that this is in the actual planning, and I don't know how feasible it is. But if it works for M&M's and other candy products, maybe it'll work for Topps.

And if they decide to do it, I should get some of the credit.

I won't even ask for cash in return (OK, maybe I will).

Instead, here's the deal:

You can use my idea free of charge and all I ask for in exchange ...

... are a whole bunch of orange DODGER refractors.

You will notice that none of the refractors that I have shown are Dodgers. Because in chrome I can pull all the Yankees and Angels I could ever want (no more Torii Hunter cards, PLEASE), but I have a stupifying inability to pull Dodgers.

So, if you see any refractors here that you want, they're up for trade in exchange for a Dodger refractor. Preferably orange or another color, but I'll take an xrefractor, too.

The Matusz card is currently in a potential transaction, so that's the only one off the table right now.

And Topps?

Call me. This idea is gold, baby. Gold.

Happy Halloween.


Dennis said…
I think your scanner's confused--those all look red to me. Merry Christmas!
night owl said…
caljr3000 ~

For reference, red refractors on my scanner look like this:
Dennis said…
Interesting, that looks like pink on my monitor here. What does everyone else see?
Ryan H said…
I see reds in this post and pink on the other post. weird.
Anonymous said…
Is the Josh Johnson and BJ up for trade??
J said…
I'd like the Lincecum and Sizmore if you want to trade, I have some vintage stuff I can send your way.
BA Benny said…
I could use the Johan Santana, CC Sabathia, and Derek Jeter orange beauties. I have a Dodgers Jon Link RC orange as well as some other Dodger goodies I can send your way. Shoot me an e-mail if your interested.
Greg Zakwin said…
These definitely look more red than orange, and the ones in the Rockies post you linked to look pink as can be.

Of course, I am color blind....
Two Packs A Day said…
yes, the "orange" borders look red to me, too.

On the Lincecum, the border looks red and there is an orange swoosh of color by the "Giants" typelogo.

I'd hate to think what that card looks like in person if the border is orange. What color is that swoosh?

Someone would be genius to come up with color bars for computer monitors so we can all calibrate our color! If I do it with my HDTV sets, why not computer monitors????
Anonymous said…
I'm glad I don't have to differentiate between "red" and "orange" :)

I like the idea of holiday-coordinated refractors, though. It could be fun. :)
You are a genius Owl! Bring on the riches and fame!
I think its a great idea, but right now you are hunting for blue and red and orange Dodgers refractors with little luck. Imagine having to trade for full team sets in pink, yellow, green and white as well... Plus the holiday relics and autos. I would go broke quick and you would have an infinite rainbow of Torii Hunter cards that nobody wants...
night owl said…
Joseph ~

Send me an email.
Anonymous said…
dude, those definitely look red -- I was pretty excited for you for a bit there. as it is, I don't have any Dodgers to offer for the Twins (got an orange Price for Troll, though)