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Awesomest night card, round 1, part 5

I've moved the next segment of the Awesomest Night Card Tournament up a day because I don't think any of the cards in part 4 were going to catch the Stan Williams card.

That's how I like it. I hope this card goes very far in the tournament.

Here is the voting tally for part 4:

1. 1972 Topps Stan Williams - 24 votes
2. 2009 Topps Juan Castro - 4 votes
3. 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights HR Derby Bobby Abreu -3 votes
4. 2006 Topps Brad Ausmus -2 votes
5. 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights NLDS - 0 votes

That sets up round 5, which I think will be the most difficult choice to date. There are a few cards here that I would vote for, so I'm not 100 percent sure which card will come out on top.

Here are the candidates:

1994 Topps Hank Aaron: A great card. Topps wasn't in the habit of putting retired players in its base set at the time, so this was rather unusual.

2006 Topps Opening Day Hong-Chih Kuo: Potentially the Dodgers' closer next season, if his arm doesn't fall off right there on the mound.

1987 Fleer SuperStar Special "Outfielders With Punch": I do know how much you all love SuperStar Specials, and '80s players in wacky '80s jerseys. This card has potential.

1986 Topps Bo Diaz: Another worthy contender. This play at the plate happened in September of 1985 and Tommy Herr was out at home.

2009 Topps Target Throwback Brian Stokes: If Topps were to make its base set like it makes these Throwback cards, I would buy the base set every year. Do you hear that Topps?

1989 Upper Deck Jerald Clark: You can't beat a night card with the stadium lights in the background. Too cool.

OK, not very many duds in that group. Take a moment to vote in the poll on the sidebar, and thanks for playing along. 


Dodgerbobble said…
As much as I want to vote for Hong Chih Kuo, I think the Jerald Clark is the best of the bunch.

Jerald doesn't even look real. It looks like a cardboard standup.
Matt Runyon said…
I was torn between the Aaron and the Bo Diaz. I went with the Diaz card because it was made during my collecting period. I had started my sabbatical from collecting in 1992 and didn't return until about 2008.
AdamE said…
Bo knows Night Cards. But The Hammer is taking this week.
I had to vote for Bo. I'd have to change the blog name if I didn't. My vote tied it with Hank at 7. Time to hit the campaign trail for Bo.
Dennis said…
Play at the Plate says vote for Bo, so I vote for Bo, just to stick it to Woody, whatever the Awesomest Night Card equivalent of a deranged, maniacal asshat Buckeye is.