Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick scoreboard card, pt. 3 and 4

Since Topps has moved away from your simple "batter-takes-a-swing" action shot photos the last couple of years into what I would consider "quirkier" photos, the cards hold my interest more. I like the variety. The cards don't all look the same. They're entertaining.

There's also more of an opportunity to see things that I'm particularly interested in, like scoreboards and on-field advertising and night shots. 2010 Topps has already turned out several examples in Series 1.

I'm going to show two scoreboard examples here. Two SICK scoreboard examples. Yes, I just used "sick" in its untraditional sense and I don't even own a snowboard. I think that's irony. Or mockery. One of the two.

The first example is happy-go-lucky Milton Bradley, and there's no way in the world you could miss the scoreboard in this photo. It's the star of the show.

You'd think that would be enough to earn a perfect rating from me, but it doesn't. I'm a bit disappointed in the "baseball notes" wording on the scoreboard. If Topps really wanted to go for a perfect 4-out-4 disembodied hand claps, the scoreboard would read:

"Baseball Malcontent"


"Baseball Meltdown"


"Baseball Yearly Emotional Reclamation Project"


"Baseball's Example of an Adult Male With Unresolved Issues From Childhood."


"Back Off or I'll Snap"

Oops, sorry, that was Barry Bonds. My bad.

Unfortunately, Topps isn't that edgy in its scoreboard commentary. So all I can offer is two disembodied hand claps.

Let's see if this card can do any better.

This is a very cool stadium shot of the Nationals' new ballpark. It has the extra benefit of being both a scoreboard card and a night card. That's a terrific combination and one that has the best chance of receiving a perfect sick scoreboard card rating.

Sadly, the scoreboard is rather small in the photo. My poor eyes can't make out the featured player. Is that Adam Dunn? I don't know.

So, nice try, but I can only give the card three out of four disembodied hand claps.

Hey, that's pretty good for the Nationals. You at least got my attention and that rarely happens with the Washingtonites.

So, I'm still looking for the first perfect sick scoreboard card. A feverish, toxic, sick scoreboard card, if you will. Or whatever the kids are saying.

(P.S.: I am writing this at 2:50 in the afternoon, watching Lindsey Vonn and the women's downhill right now on Canadian TV. ... Vonn just skied. AWESOME!).


  1. Very cool scoreboard cards. I posted one a couple weeks ago that looks kinda cool.
    It doesn't have the action of yours but it is from a few years ago so I give it points for that.

  2. I'm a photographer see, so pulling that Bradley card was at first cool- for a half millisecond, and then it pissed me off.

    Ol'Milton isn't even remotely in focus. Not even a little bit. If it is a picture of Milton Bradley, it is supposed to be in focus.

    C'mon Topps,please. Hire a professional photographer. (I can be available...)

  3. Denard Span is another one, similar to the Milton Bradley in that the outfield wall message/scoreboard is in the background and you can see what might be some of the individual pixels of that scoreboard - points of red, blue, green light in places.

  4. While I didn't like the fact that Milton Bradley patrolled the outfield spot once held by Andre Dawson, I have to admit that the card looks great!!