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Nothing but the truth

We are in the midst of the strangest presidential election year that I have experienced in my time on earth, and I've been through a fair number of them.

I promise this won't get political, but I don't know how anyone can expect to hear truth from a politician anymore. I gave up a long time ago, and really the more politics is out of my life, the better life is. My philosophy is: stop worrying about what they're going to do and just go do.  Got it, you political weirdos on Facebook?

OK, enough of that.

One thing that I try to do on this blog is be the opposite of a politician. I want the truth to reign free here -- or as much as it can and still preserve my well-being.

Take some cards that I received recently from both Jim of Frankendodger and Mark Hoyle. I promise you, there is nothing but truth here.

For instance, it's the God's honest truth that Dodger card bloggers look out for each other. It's also true that the Frankendodger blog has been a blessing for my collection. What other blog is there where I can mention my wants, have them posted on that blog and then they appear in my mailbox? The truth? There is no other blog like that.

It's true I mentioned I needed this Jae Seo Mets-Dodger hybrid and told Jim so and now here it is.

It's also true that I though I have owned the Blake DeWitt Traded card many times over. But I was only faked out by the Blake DeWitt gold Traded card or the Blake DeWitt chrome traded card.

It's true I sometimes wonder why I do all this.

It is true that this night card will be headed for my night card binder. I cannot tell you whether the faces in the background were intentionally blurred so I will not try to claim devious scheming because I simply do not know. That is not truth.

What is true is I wish there were no smoky borders, and that I have recently switched my night card binder from white to a much more appropriate black. ... I know. How wasn't it black in the first place? The truth is: I wasn't thinking.

Here are three 2016 Archives 1979 cards that I truly needed. And it's true I still appreciate the '79s in this set.

But, to be truthful, I wonder whether I'll stay with this project until all the needs are complete.

Enthusiasm wavers in this hobby. That is the truth.

Mark Hoyle also sent some '79 Archives that I needed (just to confirm: that is a true statement). Every time I see the gold ribbon on the bottom of a card, I expect it to be a Yankees or Padres player. The Rockies name is a stunner every time. (also a true statement).

Sadly, these three cards from Mark I did not need. Why did I scan them when I usually don't scan cards I didn't need? Just trying to be above board here. The truth matters.

More painful truth. Chances are very good that I do not need Dodgers cards from the late 1980s/early 1990s. There are always items that slip through the cracks, so I always welcome people to keep trying, but I do not need these three. Sad, but it's true.

Although, right now I am looking at that Woodson card and I have no memory of it sitting in my collection. Truthfully, this happens far more often than I want to admit. But putting my cards on the table (I truly regret writing that), I know I will dutifully pull out my late 1980s Dodgers binder and flip to 1989 Fleer and confirm that I have that Woodson card.

I don't want to be telling people on the street I have the Woodson card when I don't. Lies bad. Truth good.

Final card from Mark is an L.A. Police issue of Reggie Smith. I can say with absolute truthfulness that I always appreciate more Reggie Dodger cards.

But it is also true that I don't know which Police set this is from. I'm guessing 1981. But I can't say that with absolute truth. And I'm too lazy to figure it out for certain. How's that for truth?

Upon completing this post, I will set a publishing time, and hit publish.

I will then go out for ice cream with my wife, and maybe the dog, if we feel like being crazy.

I'll then come back and either do some work or watch some baseball or do a little of both.

I might even post something on Facebook.

And I'll do it just to break up the relentless political posts.


(Update: After getting back from ice cream, I discovered I have the Gray and Drury Archives cards already. And that's the truth).


Zippy Zappy said…
I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle the truth. But the truth is, I enjoyed the truths in here very much.
Twitch said…
So much Truthiness!
Anonymous said…
Back in 1971, John Lennon pleaded "All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth".

Guess it's still on back-order.
Mark Hoyle said…
I think the 79's in the Archives set are well done this year. No intention of collecting any but the Redsox. Threw the extra Dodgers in just in case they may be needed for your potential Frankenset. I believe you are right the R. Smith is an '81
Once a Cub said…
Re: Chris Young. Not sure if purposefully blurred or just an effect from the smoky/foggy border. But they are clear in the original source photo.
Fuji said…
Opinion #1: This presidential election is straight up depressing. It's never a good thing when you're voting for the lesser of two evils.

Truth #1: I'm sorry for leaving the political comment above and promise that's as political as I'll get.

Truth #2: I love that photo of Reggie on that police set single.

Opinion #2: I wish Topps would use more photos like that Reggie.