Friday, April 29, 2011

... oh yeah, someone sent me some cards

I'm telling you, those Topps value boxes sure are distracting. I grabbed another one and redeemed this Roy Halladay diamond cut card. I also redeemed two 1967 cards and pulled a Heritage relic of Jayson Werth. These things are absolutely addicting. I'm almost afraid to mention them for fear I'll head back and the 10 boxes I saw there last night will all be gone.

The value boxes are also keeping me from focusing on what is truly amazing about this hobby, which is finding collectors just as enthused as you are and exchanging cards with them. I hope I never forget that. The most exciting thing isn't mojo hits or busting the latest product. It's finding people who are as excited about collecting cards as you are.

One of those people is fellow Dodger fan, Spiegel. I think he might be one of the most enthusiastic collectors I have had the occasion to virtually meet. He sent me some cards recently. And by recently, I mean long ago. We didn't even have Gypsy Queen way back then. No cards of gypsies!! How on earth did we LIVE??????

So let's see what passed for a trade package way back in early April of 2011, shall we?

I'll start with one of the last Dodger insert cards that I needed from last year's Topps set. The Bison is the National League MVP this year. Of course, I'm extrapolating. But I am extrapolating correctly.

Another one of these Aficionado things. What a grotesque set this was. Look, Hollandsworth is looking longingly at his right elbow. He also wishes that he was in color, like, um, he is. Weird. I will never understand the '90s.

We've all seen this card. Many of us have also commented on the prophetic image, seeing as Offerman ended up assaulting baseball-uniformed people on more than one ocassion. And since we've all done this, I've got nothing else to say, except ... SEE? His name is all SHINY and SILVERY!

Radiance. Gah. Those '90s. Again. What was the deal?

Here is a card of Cody Ross of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Except he's not really with the Dodgers. If you look at the teeny tiny legalese-style type at the bottom, you'll note that he's really a Cincinnati Red.

But most people probably didn't see that. They didn't know until they turned the card over and ...

AHHH!!!! BLOOD!!! He's a ... RED!!! A CINCINNATI RED!!!!!

You have to read the fine print, people.

By the way, I have worse news for you.

He's now a San Francisco Giant.

And he makes videos with Brian Wilson and mascots. (yes, I know that's redundant).

And I think he likes it.

So, yeah, there's no hope for him.

Early '80s stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weeeee!!!!! I don't know how this sticker avoided me for so long. I thought I had all the Dodgers from the 1981 Topps sticker set. But I refuse to make a checklist. Because they're stickers. Checklists are for cards only. Yes, I must have my arbitrary rules. No judging.

Here are some Upper Deck Timeline needs. One even has a random parallel gold stamp that I refuse to acknowledge ... anymore. The race continues over which 2008 set I will complete first: Timeline, Stadium Club or Heritage. I may start a blog charting my progress. But someone else will have to continue it because I'm sure I'll have met that Great Dodger in the Sky before any of them are complete.

Roger Cedeno is fleeing from a giant wooden wall. Hey, it was the '90s.

I'll end it with a tremendous night card. Spiegel really knows how to find them. Not only is this a beautiful card, but I saw the almost exact same image when I was in Toronto. It reminds me of the unbelievably crazy time I had in that city. I'll never forget it.

That's what cards are all about, the memories and the great times.

Thanks, Spiegel. Great trading cards with you, and everyone else. It never gets old, no matter what kind of new stuff hits the shelves.


  1. Always a pleasure to trade with you. I already have a small stack that is growing for you on my desk.

  2. Yes! They are distracting....need more diamond codes and sparkly cards!

  3. You and me both when it comes to the trio of 2008 sets. Unfortunately, I have to add '08 Goudey to that list too of sets that I'll probably never finish...but it won't be from a lack of trying!

  4. 2008 Heritage has been my white whale for years now. The more I get, the further away I seem.

  5. Can we just admit the '90s were the greatest decade ever already? The '90s had the best cartoons, the best music, the syndicated action series, the rapid evolution and unapologetic flaunting of card technology, the rise of the internet, the SNES, the Playstation, the booming economy, the juice-gooned power hitters, pro wrestling's attitude era. Good times, man. Good times...

  6. Signature parallel! That's got to go somewhere on the parallel levels!

  7. Ok, here's my question. When are you redeeming your codes? I assume late at night. Because every time I check the site to see if I want to redeem, I see nothing that makes me want to and I've never seen a die cut in the recently unlocked (and I refresh. A lot.)

  8. The Halladay diamond card was redeemed late in the evening, probably around 11 or so. I don't remember when the Ruth diamond card was redeemed.