Monday, April 25, 2011

Done deal

Remember this card?

Yes, the good old days. I owned it for an entire five days. There were a lot of laughs. Some tears, too. And plenty of stupid, stupid trade offers (my personal favorite, a 1995 Norberto Martin for my Babe Ruth card).

But now it's done. Over. Finished. A cloud of dust.

I don't have Diamond Diecut Ruth anymore.

I traded it.

Sure, I could have sold it for some cash and bought something grand, but I don't know if I want to go through all of that right now. So, this is what I have instead:

Diamond Diecut Jackie.

Welcome home, Jackie. I think I'll keep ya.

Unless, you know, someone throws a '56 Robinson at me.


  1. In my opinion that is an excellent trade. Jackie is a better fit in a Dodger fan's collection than Babe.

  2. You got the better part of the trade, Night Owl. Jackie needs to be in the Dodger Family.

  3. Wow !! Great deal. I'm trying to trade an extra Ted Williams ring for Jackie's ring.I have about 28 cards but nothing like that !