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Kick her to the curb?

All right, this is serious business here.

As you might have noticed, I have a little bit of a thing for Alyssa Milano. Just a little bit, because that's all that my wife will allow.

I've mentioned her periodically in posts, and her lovely visage has sat on my sidebar for about two years now.

And that's what I'm afraid I must discuss.

The picture of Alyssa links to her Major League Baseball blog. As you know she's a big baseball fan and Dodger fan. And she used to blog a whole bunch. Some of the topics were kind of interesting. It was nice to read about someone in the entertainment field who was such a big baseball fan, a fan of my team.

But she hasn't blogged in a long time. A long, long time.

The second most recent blog on her site was about Opening Day. LAST YEAR'S Opening Day.

The most recent blog was about Twitter, which is appropriate because she's on the thing more than any other human being alive. I eventually had to unfollow her because she was driving me a bit wacky with not only some of her dippity-doo tweets but just the sheer NUMBER. It says she's made more than 15,000 tweets, which has to be a serious, serious error in underestimating. She puts out 15,000 in a couple of slow weeks.

Alyssa periodically tweets about the Dodgers, but it's not very often and it's only squeezed in between the following:

  • I see you!
  • XO
  • I know!
  • Woah.
  • Wherever you are, I hope you're smiling.

Now, I'm not against people using Twitter for whatever they like, but I'm just not going to follow that. And I don't know if I want to encourage others to follow that.

But that is my option if I want to link to something Alyssa is writing, because she sure ain't writing her blog anymore.

The other option is (*gulp*) remove her picture.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

So I'm turning to you. What should I do?

Should I:

  • Leave her picture on the sidebar with a link to her essentially dead blog.
  • Leave her picture on the sidebar with a link to her Twitter feed, where you can read all about her "little warrior princess." (That would be her dog).
  • Scrap her picture for something more informative and substantial, but maybe less lovely.
  • Leave her picture with no link at all, just so that we can all gaze at the artistry of Alyssa.
  • Risk a restraining order (and marriage counseling) and post a series of photos of Alyssa up and down the sidebar.
OK some of the above are serious options and some are not. But really, I need to come to some sort of decision. I don't want stuff on the sidebar to be pointless, and I feel like there's no point to having a picture of her there anymore.

I know. That can't be possible.

What am I saying?

Alyssa, forgive me. Come back to your blog. Come back!


madding said…
I vote that you replace her entirely with her Charmed castmate Rose McGowan.
Dodgerbobble said…
Replace her with a younger hotter Dodger fan like Audrina Patridge. She might not know baseball like Alyssa, but she's much better looking.
The Big Kahuna said…
How about doing some auditions cause A.M. should probably go!w
Paul Hadsall said…
Keep the photo linked to the dead blog or drop it from your sidebar... Ms. Milano does not need any help gaining Twitter followers.
Anonymous said…
Dude, just the fact that she was there in the first place had me shaking my head. Yeah, she's a Dodgers fan, but she throws herself at anyone with a jersey on! You can do better.
Mariner1 said…
I think you should leave the picture up and have it link to a rotation of pics of Alyssa. Some regular pics and some pics in Dodger outfits. It could even link to her line of clothes for MLB and the NFL. I still think she is a little hottie.
Andy said…
Totally agree with Mariner1. Definitely do not remover her entirely!
Greg Zakwin said…
The obvious thing to do is replace her with Erin Hawksworth.
Feather Chucker said…
I feel your pain. I've been in love with Alyssa since "Who's the Boss?" I guess I'd leave her pic up but remove the hyperlink to her blog. At least until Scarlett Johansson starts writing one.
steelehere said…
Replace her with links to Dodger season ticket holders Mary Hart, Jane Seymour and Larry King blogs.

OK, maybe not.
AdamE said…
Dude you can't loose Alyssa. CAN'T!! I'm all for risking your marriage by you posting a whole bunch of pictures but since it is your marriage and you probably don't want to risk it I say leave the pic and link it to a whole bunch of pictures of her like Mariner1 said.
GCA said…
You could make a little gallery right there of notable Dodger fans and include all of the above. (The occasional dude to justify them to the wife...)
Anonymous said…
Leave the pic. Who cares about the link?

I've come across the pic AT LEAST 20 times scrolling down on your blog, and thought "oh yeah - this is the blog with that pic". I've never once clicked on the link.
Dodgerbobble said…
Agreed with Greg. Erin Hawksworth is another Dodger-related hottie.
Shawn said…
link to her IMDB page, I suppose
Matt Runyon said…
I like dodgerbobble's first idea
flywheels said…
What would Tony Danza say? I think he'd say remove the link and leave the pic...
--David said…
Well, Waxaholic is holding a poll. No, not a POLE! Head over there and choose a new floozy, er, Dodger Girl. :-) Dude, my verification: blest. As in, we were blest to have had Alyssa as eye candy on here for two years.

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