Friday, March 25, 2011

Card back countdown: #10 - 1954 Topps

We have reached the top 10 of the Card Back Countdown, and I'll start the final 10 with a set that I really can't explain why it's here.

But I'll figure it out.

I have a natural affinity and respect for 1950s cards. A lot of what we see now in cards was started in the '50s, including card backs.

You could tell that Topps was experimenting with the backs of its cards during its first few major releases. The back of the 1952 set looks nothing like the back of the 1953 set, which looks nothing like the back of the 1954 set.

But the '54 set seemed to give Topps an indication of what it wanted. A template for future sets.

For the first time, Topps featured what could truly be called a cartoon on the back of its set. The card back for the '53 set did feature a cartoonish drawing, but that was merely a picture to go along with a quiz question. The '54 set actually featured a strip cartoon with a story to it -- a comic -- which you rarely see on baseball cards.

I would love it if more card sets had a comic strip on the back of their cards. That would be an instant selling point.

Outside of the ground-breaking cartoon, Topps returned to the horizontal card back format, which it would use from 1954 to 1966.

But the part of the card that really makes it a '50s card, and of the '50s for me, is the green background for the statistics. That screams the '50s to me, as much as Saturday Evening Post, Earth Angel and cars with fins.

So that is why this card back is at No. 10 in the countdown. It's a classic Topps design, with a groundbreaking artistic element, and a color scheme that makes it unique for its time. Plus you've got all the information that you could want at the time (complete career stats were still three years away).

See? I knew I would figure out why I ranked this so highly.

Best of the set:

I have three cards from this set. We'll skip this.

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  1. The thing I have against the 54 back is that they are not all the same direction. When you put them in pages some of the backs are upside down from the rest.

  2. I don't have any 1954 Topps, but I like the fielding stats on there. You rarely see them.