Thursday, March 31, 2011

How I'll get by if the Dodgers lose tonight

As I write this, Clayton Kershaw has struck out eight Giants through five innings. That would make me most pleased, except for the fact that the Dodgers are continuing the tradition that they have been known for over the last decade -- leaving abundant runners on base.

So, I've decided to write a post during the game that will remind me of why I'm happy to be a Dodger fan, no matter what happens tonight.

The following cards come from Mike at Sports Syzygy. I thank him for validating my appreciation for the greatest team on earth.

Kirk Gibson. Author of the greatest baseball moment since ESPN hit the airwaves. Really. There were polls to figure this out and everything. We all know that if it's not on ESPN, it didn't happen.

Sandy Koufax. Author of the greatest abbreviated pitching career of all-time. I think he has many more fans today than he ever did when he was playing.

Roy Campanella. Perhaps the most inspirational baseball player of all-time for how he persevered in a positive manner after his terrible accident.

He is such a favorite that I had to grab the red-bordered card, too.

Hideo Nomo. Possibly the most popular retired baseball player in the world. And this is a parallel version of one of his rookie cards. Wee for me.

I would show a few more cards, but they don't fit into the whole Pillars of Dodgerdom like the other cards.

OK, just one more:

Jeff Kent. Not exactly a proud part of Dodger history. But I think that's because he had the taint of Giant on him. So I'm featuring the Kent card in an effort to jinx the pumpkin-colored team.

OK, back to the Kershaw show. Remember, if he breaks the strikeout record, you read it here first.


  1. They won't. Dumb Halloween team.

    Sweet cards.

  2. Well, you already know the results. I gotta say, it was a close game. I will say my Giants seem to have a pretty good pitching staff, even if we can't produce runs. Hopefully we'll leave LA with a winning record.

  3. Thank you Dodgers, for starting the season the way my Rangers failed to end the World Series...with a Giants loss.

  4. They won! Congrats!

    Now for my Jays....