Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Possibly the worst set for inserts ever

I have purchased exactly one blaster in 2011 so far. It wasn't even a blaster of 2011 product. It was a blaster marked down to $5.99.

How can you pass up a blaster for $5.99?

It was a box of 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights. I bought a few packs of those, but not a lot. So I thought this would be a nice nostalgia trip, combined with grabbing a few cards that I had never seen.

The base cards were fun. Eric Gagne as a Red Sox, a rookie Kevin Slowey, somebody named Rocky Cherry. You can't beat 10 packs for 6 bucks.

But the inserts? Let's just say I don't ever want to hear anyone complain about Topps' 2011 inserts again. Here is what passed for inserts in 2007:





I also pulled the Bonds card at the top of the post, which I suppose if you were brainless enough to collect the entire Bonds HR set is the card to get since it commemorates the downfall of baseball as we know ... er, I mean the crowning of a new home run leader.

Those were the glorious inserts available to us in 2007 U&H. And I received them just in time for Barry's perjury trial.

That's awful.

I did get a hit out of the blaster.

Just to continue the whole Giants theme of '07 U&H, Topps had to make sure all of its jersey relics were puke orange, too. Happy day.

So, I'll happily take my 60 Years of Topps cards, my mini Kimballs, and my Diamond Duos from 2011 Topps. The last couple years of Topps inserts have been a lot better than what it was offering in 2007.

Inserts have come a long way in four years.

(Yes, I realize some better inserts like "Distinguished Service" were in Topps' 2007 base set, but I didn't buy a blaster of the base set).


  1. I have about 8,000 of those Bonds cards. And 10,000 of the Mantles, it seems.

  2. Me need card of man that sound like tooth-breaking fruit.

  3. I gotta agree w/ you. I didn't even care for 2007's base design. The black 1992 Pinnacle cards sported a better design.

  4. I have so many Bonds and Mantle inserts I am going to scream.

    I bought a blaster of this once when it was actually new and got an Alex Rios orange jersey. Hooray? I eventually found a Blue Jays fan to take it off my hands.