Friday, March 4, 2011

Card back countdown: #12 - 1965 Topps

When it comes to the 1965 Topps set, I'm like a lot of collectors. It's my favorite of the 1960s.

Actually, I go back and forth between whether the '65 or '67 set is my favorite. I might like the front of the '67 set better. I know the '65 set has that pennant, but I find the clean look of the '67 cards rather intoxicating.

So that's why the backs for the 1965 set are so important. If '65 is going to keep up with the greatness of the '67s, it's got to have a supreme card back. And it does.

Here it is:

Topps has not used the color blue for its card backs very much. So when it does, it really stands out. Any card back that uses blue will become an instant favorite of mine.

I'm nobody special in saying that blue is my favorite color. I've always been attracted to teams that wore blue -- the Royals, the Houston Oilers, the Buffalo Sabres. And, of course, that Dodger Blue team. All of them had a built-in color advantage.

The back of the Torborg card above is more turquoise than blue. Here is a better example:

Wow. That card sure can light up a room. Love it.

Also, as if you haven't noticed, the cartoon is the star of the show on the back. I like that Topps dedicates the whole upper third of the card to the cartoon. And the emphasis on each initial of the player's name ties the whole card back together. The cartoon subjects also seemed to be VERY HAPPY in 1965. Lots of smiling.

I wish I could point out some innovation that caused this card back to be ranked so highly on the countdown. But the fact is, I just like the look of it. And the color has a lot to do with it.

If you are a card back historian, then you know this must mean good things for another card back that used a lot of blue. And you are absolutely correct.

But we'll stay with the '65 set for now.

I may not be 100 percent sure if it's the best card set of the '60s. But I'm positive it's the best card back of the '60s.

Best of the set:

I basically have only Dodgers from this set, so I'll skip this segment again.

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  1. "If you are a card back historian, then you know this must mean good things for another card back that used a lot of blue."

    Really, 1988 Donruss...sweet (just kidding)

    I just got my very first 1965 Topps in the mail today and I love the set. Although I do prefer the 1962 set, I'm a sucker for the wood borders.

  2. OMG (that's right, I went there), we're almost to the top 10!! Love the '65s, front and back.

  3. Hmm...Now that I have this set almost completed (35 to go!), I'll have to go home and flip through the binder. I'll share my choices for Best of the Set with you.