Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Card back countdown: #24 - 1911 T205

Damn. I ask you a simple question in the last post and no one answers? Does anyone read blogs anymore?

Fine. You're getting a post with no pictures then.

This is the latest installment of the Card Back Countdown, and this card isn't even mine. It's a scan that was kindly sent to me by dayf of Cardboard Junkie.

It's the back of a T205 card, known as the gold bordered set. The fronts are awesome, but you don't deserve to see them. (All right, quit bitching. Go here).

The backs aren't much to see. But the set's on this countdown for one reason.

It's supposedly the first case of yearly statistics being featured on a baseball card.

This is the set that started the wonderful mess we're in now.

And that's all I've got to say.

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Update: that's better.


  1. fwiw I am a thumbs up on Hersheiser. I would like a hitter in the booth though - while I generally dislike a 3 man booth, I like having both a pitcher and hitter in there for the Sunday night thing.

  2. oh and I am glad that the T205 got into the countdown.

  3. Patience... I didn't read the last post because I was raking leaves last night. I'll get to it dont' worry...

  4. I will actually miss Jon Miller. If there's one voice I grew up hearing, it was his. Maybe he'll come back to Baltimore and sit next to Jim Palmer while he talks about himself for 3 hours a night, all summer long.

  5. Oh, yeah, and T205. First set with stats.