Thursday, November 11, 2010

One group break I can get behind

There are group breaks popping up all over lately. It is absolutely wretched timing. My wallet literally screams every time I remove money from it at this time of year. The ATM scolds me. Paypal laughs at me. I've had a bank teller or two slap me.

They all say the same thing: "It's November, idiot, who has money for cards?"

Well, obviously someone does or else there wouldn't be any group breaks. But it's not me.

So I've ignored the majority of breaks going around. I do so with great reluctance. But if people want Santa to stop at the house instead of cursing the fat old fraud for not coming through again this year, I have no choice.

Fortunately, there are a few breaks that have been cheap enough or enticing enough that I am able to tell my wallet to shut the hell up. I'm already in for the Dodgers in a big ol' 2011 Topps break. And Cardboard Collections is holding another cheap break and I've got the Dodgers again.

So that means I should finally get around to the first break from CC. In that break he opened some SkyBox, some '07 Fleer, some Fleer Sports Illustrated, and something else I can't remember.

I was really hoping for some of those cool inserts from the SI set, but the Dodgers were just about shut out in that area. But here are some other nice items:

What's more fun than a card of Konerko wearing No. 66 in Dodger blue? Not much. Also, way to narrow down the position, Fleer.

 This rather common stretching pose has always struck me as being slightly similar to where one's arms end up after making an offensive Italian gesture. Those of Italian descent (like me) might know what I mean. Or maybe not.

This SkyBox Frequent Flier card is pretty cool. I have no idea if Mr. Souvenir City is still on ESPN's Baseball Tonight. I watched it maybe twice all of last season.

Any group break that yields a Hideo Nomo card that I didn't have is instantly successful. And when that same Nomo card features a minivan in the background, well, that is pure card goodness.

One of those pointless minis from 2007 Fleer. It fits because Lieberthal was a pointless addition to the Dodgers.

Now, there were several other cards that I needed that came from this break, and I figured that was plenty for the money.

But several days after I received my cards, I received another package from the group break host, Colbey.

In the package was a whole stash of Dodgers. I don't know why he sent them, but I was quite grateful. Here are some of the goodies that I needed:

Again, there were a bunch of others, but I'm getting sleepy.

That is my kind of group break. You get the cards you paid for, and then a bunch more.

Still, that's not the reason why I signed up again at Cardboard Collections. It's because his break prices are perfect for me right now, and he chooses sets that, for the most part, I have never touched.

If you're getting me to join a group break in November, you are doing something right.

OK, now if you'll excuse me, I have to tell my wallet to shut the hell up. Again.


  1. This is why I like to host cheap group breaks - because it makes people happy to get good (or decent) cards for cheap. You are right in that there are tons of group breaks happening now and I strive for my breaks to be slightly different and most importantly cheap!

    Thanks for the kind words, I really do appreciate them. As for that 2nd package I sent you - just consider it a thank you gift. Those cards needed a new home and I couldn't think of a more perfect place to send them.

  2. Exactly! Those breaks are the best, especially since Thorzul started doing pricey ones instead of his sporadic ultra cheap ones.