Monday, November 22, 2010

Awesomest night card, round 1, part 10

It's official. Kevin Youkilis has snagged first place in the latest vote for the Awesomest Night Card (heh, see what I did there? "Snagged"?)

It wasn't even close. I thought it would be close. That shows you what I know (again). Here are the vote totals:

1. 2009 Topps Kevin Youkilis: 30 votes
2. 1990 Upper Deck Bob Welch: 7 votes
3. 2009 Topps Justin Verlander: 6 votes
4. 2007 Upper Deck Rafael Belliard: 5 votes
5. 2009 Upper Deck Joaquin Benoit: 2 votes
6. 1995 Upper Deck Minors Aaron Boone: 1 vote

So, the Greek God of Night Cards moves on to Round 2.

I promise you we will get to Round 2 eventually. It's just that 100 night cards takes a little time to go through. And I don't want to vote on 20 at a time. That's no fun.

That means I've got part 10 cued up and ready to go. Here is what you will be voting on this time:

1. 2002 United We Stand, Astros vs. Giants: A very somber card featuring someone I don't like very much. I was being rather charitable when I displayed this card. I get conflicted when I feature Barry Bonds in anything other than a negative light.

2. 1994 Upper Deck, Johnny Vander Meer's second straight no-hitter: I really like this card. But I have no idea if the photo displays Vander Meer in the act of pitching his second no-hitter. If it does, then it is imperative that this card moves on to the next round. I will rig all the voting machines to make sure it happens.

Yes, I know Vander Meer no-hit the Dodgers. I'm not petty. ... this time.

3. 2007 Upper Deck Jason Bay: I'm starting to lose track of which team Jason Bay is on -- he moves around a lot. Mets, right? I'm sure when his head hit that fence last season even he didn't remember.

4. 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Joaquin Andujar: Andujar's famous quote reads thusly: "There is one word in America that says it all, and that word is 'you never know.'" Hey, I'm not going to argue with a guy who goes ballistic during Game 7 of the World Series.

5. 2004 Topps Tim Worrell: I have nothing happy to say about this card.

6. 1975 Topps, Game 4 of the '74 World Series: Will this be the second World Series card from the '75 set to advance? Unlike the last one, I can't pinpoint what play this is. But feel free to knock yourself out.

Them's the contenders this week. I have constructed the poll with my bare hands and positioned it along the sidebar. It was brutal work, men and women. And you should repay me for my labor by voting, if you would be so kind.

Much obliged.


  1. Your obligedness is noted and a vote has been cast.

  2. Night games in the '40s are a LOT more scarce than night games today. Ya gotta vote for Vandy.

  3. If not up agains the NoNo card United We Stand may have won this week. But I predict Vandy gets at least 75% of the vote if not more.

  4. I like the Vander Meer card a lot. But I like the Joaquin Andujar card more. I love that look on his face. The high leg kick. Plus, I really love saying "Joaquin Andujar". It's a fun name to say.

  5. I Googled a bit on the Vander Meer game... it was the 1st night game in Ebbet's Field! (June 15, 1938) So I checked for photos of Ebbet's leftfield wall & bleachers... they match. So, if that ain't a photo from the game, it's a well done find. But, considering that this game was the first night game in New York, it's very very very very very very likely that photographers took some photos of the game that night. The Polo Grounds would have their 1st nighty 2 years later, and the Yanks wouldn't have one 'til after WW2!

    So I voted for this card, as it seems very likely to be authentic.

  6. Vandy ... I'll try to supress my standard UD gag while voting.

  7. As for the Series card, I think that's Holtzman hitting his homer.

  8. Wow this one I had to ponder a whole evening and then a few minutes at work. I mean look how tight Joaquin Andujar pants are. Very homoerotic, and I love the 75 Topps, but I'm going to have to vote for the UD Vander Meer.

  9. I would only ever vote for Bonds for the d-bag HOF. I wore one of my favorite shirts yesterday that simply reads B*nds.

  10. I tried voting for the 75 Topps card and it looked like the vote didn't show up. But I looked closer and saw that the Vander Meer card has so many votes that it skewed the bar code. A card with one vote (like the 75 Topps) doesn't get a bar when compared to the 25 votes that Vander Meer has.

  11. My thoughts:

    1. (Insert your own callous comment about how Bonds can't erect his own "flagpole" after *allegedly* taking steroids), but the fact is, this was a man at the end of a memorable season showing that he was moved by a tragic event that showed many of us that there are so many things more important than a kids' game.

    2. If that Vandy picture is from the first-ever night game at need to rig that voting machine right now.

    In any case, I'm voting for the Vander Meer.