Saturday, November 13, 2010

Team colors: Diamondbacks

I am squeezing this post in between work craziness. It is one of the busiest weekends of the year, only surpassed by the insanity of March. It's the type of weekend where you go to work on your day off. ... twice. Today, it's an all-day and all-night affair. Tomorrow, it's much of the same.

So, I picked something easy for tonight. Here it is:

The Arizona Diamondbacks haven't been around very long. It's too long, if you ask me. But they make for a quick post.

The interesting thing about the colors that the Diamondbacks wear is they have already changed their color scheme, even though they've been around for only 12 years. I consider that a sign of weakness. NBA teams do that. Some NHL and NFL teams, too. But if you want to be taken seriously in baseball, pick your colors and defend them to the death.

Because of Arizona's switcheroo, poor Topps had to change the colors it used with Diamondbacks cards in the middle of the set in 2007. That might be the only time that's happened (I haven't checked). The first series in the '07 set featured purple and gold with Diamondbacks cards. The second series featured red and some tan-like color. I'll call it beige, although I'm sure someone in Diamondback promotions will tell you it's "Sonoran Sand." Whatever.

Here is the breakdown on the colors Topps attached to Diamondbacks cards for years when it used colors based on the team it featured:

2000: purple
2002: green and purple
2003: purple
2004: purple and gold
2005: purple and gold
2006: purple and gold
2007: purple and gold AND red and beige
2008: red and gold
2009: red
2010: red

There is a definite deviation in that breakdown.

And here is the verdict:

Diamondbacks team colors: red and beige/sand
What Topps says are the Diamondbacks' team colors: Purple!

I think Kirk Gibson might have to go over to Topps headquarters and bust some heads.

(The tally: Purple-7, Gold-5, Red-4, Beige-1, Green-1)


  1. The Diamondbacks shouldn't have changed colors. The change was due to Jerry Colangelo being forced out of the organization.

  2. That's not just any shade of red, it's Sedona Red.


  3. I love the new colors, compared to the old ones. Thanks for a D-Backs related post Night Owl. You should do more of them! Just kidding!