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Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your 2008 World Series champions, the Tampa Bay Rays!

I'm sure everyone's read those "etiquette in the work place" articles that are always popping up in the business section of newspapers. Inevitably, in those articles, there is a mention of email etiquette. And one of the most frequently mentioned pieces of advice is on sending hastily-written emails. "Wait 24 hours!" they say, before hitting "send" on an email you might regret.

I'm sure the same goes for posting. But I've waited -- OK, not quite 24 hours, make it more like 10 -- and I'm still posting, dammit! And this is what I'm saying: I don't see anyone preventing Tampa Bay from winning the World Series in a couple of weeks.

Seriously, what I see on the TV is three teams playing with their flaws hanging out and Tampa Bay, playing like a postseason team should. The Rays are playing like the Rockies last season, only there are no 2007 Red Sox lying in wait for the Rays in the Series.

So, this is what I see: the Rays facing the Phillies in the World Series, and the Rays winning in five games. That means, the Rays would be celebrating their title Monday, Oct. 27 in Philadelphia. It'll be Ray-mendous! (Ray-tacular? Ray-pendous?)

(What, no mention of the Dodgers from the Dodger fan? Yeeeeaaaah. You saw the game last night.)


Anonymous said…
hehe, go phillies!
You are Ray-off in your prediction. It will be the Red Sox vs. Phillies.
Anonymous said…
B.J. Upton is the new Mr. October!!!
night owl said…
Joe, I hope I'm Ray-off, because I think a Red Sox-Phillies or Red Sox-Dodgers Series would be Ray-cool. And both my dad and brother are longtime Red Sox rooters.
madding said…
I don't think the Dodgers are quite dead yet. The unnecessary off day could help them recharge their batteries or something. But yeah, I agree, I think it's all Rays this year.
Anonymous said…
It ain't over 'til Tommy Lasorda sings!

That said, I can't really blame Torre for last night. I mean, with five outs left, you've got to assume that Wade and Broxton can hold a lead, right?

If anything, I question pulling Kuroda as early as he did on Sunday, thus needing Wade for two innings, and pulling Lowe early last night. Had he let them stay a little longer, who knows? Maybe Wade would've had his best stuff.

But honestly, a two-run lead should be safe in Broxton and Wade's hands. Oh well. You can't win 'em all.
night owl said…
Yeah, Lowe was pulled too early. I've been skittish about Broxton for almost the entire season. I fully expected him to blow a lead at some point this potseason.
Dave said…
Oh man, I don't know how I missed this post when you first wrote it. I strongly agree with the sentiment, but I'm very nervous about the Rays after last night (Thursday)'s game. No bold predictions from me yet...

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