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Cardboard appreciation: 1976 Topps Manny Sanguillen

(2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate? CARD-BOARD! CARD-BOARD! Yaaaaayyyyy! ... Welcome to another edition of Cardboard Appreciation. These are the cards I appreciate the most: my all-time favorites. This is the second in a series):

When I saw this card, it was love at first sight. Where do I begin? I loved the green-and-gold combo. I loved that this is one of several '76 Pirates cards that appeared to be photographed in the dead of night (actually, I think it was just poor photography in a poorly-lit Three Rivers Stadium). I loved the name Manny Sanguillen. Who doesn't? I loved the expression on his face.

But most of all, I loved, absolutely LOVED, the fireball streak shooting behind Manny. Did a rocket ship just blaze past? A guy with a jet-pack? The young, impressionable mind whirred with possibilities. I still don't know what that burning flame is. Some scoreboard effect? Anyone? Please help me out. But I hope by knowing that I don't lose my appreciation for this card.

I had hoped to upgrade this card at the memorabilia show I went to Sunday. But I couldn't find it. Speaking of the card show, I will be posting over the next couple of days about what I bought. You'll want to stay tuned, because some of what I bought were gifts for some of my fellow generous bloggers. And there's a tiny contest involved, too. Now, don't get too excited. I didn't spend a lot. But, hey, free cards are free cards.

In the meantime, 1976 Topps Manny Sanguillen, I appreciate you, for that awesome, awesome electric fireball.

(EDIT: More level-headed minds than mine have deduced that this "electric fireball" is probably nothing more than the edge of the dugout seats and a towel. While they're probably right, the 12-year-old in me will ignore that fact. Burn bright, fireball!)


AlbuqwirkE said…
I'd say you are seeing the edge of a dugout bench highlighted as it pops out of the shadows.

Isn't that another player sitting "incorrectly" on the back of the bench giving kids bad ideas?

As for that white blur... a towel maybe for Manny to use to wipe the sweat off his face after he goes yard on the next pitch.
madding said…
That's a nice shot. I love the socks, too. Ever since my girlfriend's fascination with Anthony Reyes started, I've found a greater appreciation for the high socks/stirrups/etc.
night owl said…
madding, I wish I knew about your girlfriend's interest in Reyes before I sent you those cards. I have a Reyes autograph card. Oh well, I can send it the next time.
night owl said…
Hey, yeah, that is the edge of the dugout bench. And you're probably right about the towel, too. Damn, no electric fireball.
--David said…
I say it's an electric fireball, created way beyond its time in terms of electronic display capabilities! :-)
Goose Joak said…
Going thing it's just an optical illusion. I thought for a second there that Manny Sanguillen actually took a pitch.

I think it really would take an electric fireball thrown at 200+ mph to sneak one by him.

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