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Define the design: let's name some more sets

This is my seventh straight day of work. The dog's sick, too. So I'm pretty exhausted.

But I have just enough energy to name some set designs.

I haven't done much of this lately, other than name 2015 Topps the sonar set, and I feel like being pretty random.

So let's start randomly with 2002.

2002 Topps could be all about the ribbons, but it's not because of the remarkably off-putting gold color on every card.

The border color is the overwhelming "star" of this set. I could be mean and call it the "vomit set," since it's probably what an entire binder of this set looks like -- like someone puked all over the binder.

But let's have a bit of decorum.

To me, this set reminds me of one thing:

Brown mustard.

I love mustard. And now I like 2002 Topps a little bit better.

I'm calling 2002 Topps the "brown mustard set." If Gulden's or French's or Gray Poupon want to sponsor Define the Design then I'll name 2002 Topps after one of those. But otherwise, it's the brown mustard set.

2002 Upper Deck is up next. Now Upper Deck always tries to defy you in naming its card sets with its minimalist designs. I'll admit the white anchor box is a bit non-descript and also weird. White? why?

But it does remind me a little of this:

A white circuit board.

So 2002 Upper Deck is now the "white circuit board set."

I don't have a design name for 2002 Donruss yet. It sort of reminds me of curtains or a framed photo. I'll think a little on that and see if I come up with something. Or someone could volunteer a name. There are plenty of Define the Design names that have come from readers.

Fleer didn't have a flagship set in 2002. But that didn't stop it from issuing oodles of sets. One of those was Fleer Tradition. This particular year Fleer Tradition stole from the 1934 Goudey set, and so I'm calling this the "1934 Goudey homage set."

But if I call Fleer Tradition the 1934 Goudey homage set, then what do I call this set?

Oh, you card companies. So original.

This is from 2008 Upper Deck Goudey, and I'm going to call this set the "Ken Griffey Jr. set." The guy appears on every card, he deserves to have his name in the name of the set.

And, so, that naturally follows that 1934 Goudey itself:

Is the "Lou Gehrig set."

No, I don't own this card.

I may work seven days a week, but the pay sucks.

(The above Define the Design names will be added to the list soon).


deal said…
2002 Topps is the one set where the Chrome Cards look significantly better than flagship.
AdamE said…
The 02 UD looks more like one of those newfangled scan codes than a circuit board.

02 Donruss looks like a yankee uniform, so maybe the puke set?
Hackenbush said…
Regarding the 2002 Donruss set, to my mind the pinstripes stand out the most so I'd call it the Pinstripe set.
Ken Griffey, Jr. Set. Yeah, I approve.
Josh D. said…
Shouldn't 1934 Goudey be the "2002 Fleer Tradition Homage Set"? A little circular reasoning never hurt anyone.
EggRocket said…
2002 Donruss...The 10-year-old-boy's-bedroom-staged-by-a-realtor set.

Too long? Yeah I thought so.
BobWalkthePlank said…
I was going to put that for you if I didn't seen a comment from you!
Unknown said…
02 Donruss reminds me of a political campaign sign, "Vote for Donruss in '02 and there will be a rack pack in every home"
GCA said…
Donruss looks like a fancy photo album with emergency (black) pull tabs. The "quick release photo" set
Brett Alan said…
The Upper Deck set design isn't random enough to make me think "circuit board". My instinct is to call it the "Ionic Column set".

Donruss just screams "the Pinstripe set" to me.