Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I can do '90s cards

There seems to be this misconception that I don't "do" '90s cards. That I have a dismissive attitude about '90s cards. That I can't be bothered with the card excess that was the '90s.

But would someone who doesn't appreciate '90s cards have the above Hideo Nomo "Smoke 'n Heat" insert card from 1996 Fleer in his collection?

Would that same '90s critic say that he's always liked this card? Would he say that while '90s base cards weren't exactly his style in many cases, some of the inserts from that decade are some of the most glorious-looking, inventive items ever to be UV coated?

Would this same critic enjoy 1995 Topps? Would he say 1994 Fleer might be one of the best base sets ever to exist? Would he confess that he actually likes Circa?

Would he be considering a 1993 Upper Deck blog? Would he have paid homage to 1992 Pinnacle? Would he have more than 400 Mike Piazza cards in his collection?

And would he be able to show off the rest of the Smoke n' Heat set right here, right now?

There you go. (Todd Stottlemyre does not belong in this group).

A great-looking insert from that great period of mid-1990s cardboard.

Gotta love it.
Fantastic stuff, from those wild, wacky '90s.

Good times.


OK, someone sent this to me and I just opened it today.

At least I liked it. That's a step in the right direction, right?

(Much, much more to come from steelehere soon).


  1. Throttlemyre finished second in the AL in strikeouts in 1995. One of his better seasons, but a down year for a lot of strikeout pitchers in that league with the exception of Randy Johnson, who almost struck out 300.

  2. I am surprised you have the full set.

    The Nomo -- sure, you'd have to have that. You're a Dodgers completist.

    But the rest...that's truly progress.

  3. But that's the thing with the 1990's... Even if one would declare that 90% of the cards were absolute crap, that still leaves thousands of cards to love.

  4. I think Maddux was more smoke than heat, but what a group of pitchers. 90's inserts are always going to be part of me. Lot's of good memories of opening packs and being excited about pulling cards like Smoke N Heat!

  5. I've thought about doing a 1993 Upper Deck blog as well. Great set. Possibly my favorite ever.

  6. Great set from the hot 90s! 94 Fleer was underrated. It's a simple, good-looking, white border set. I do dislike 90s cards referred to as vintage though, almost as much as 90s music played on oldies radio. What's up with that?