Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back in action

I was out of town for a few days last week on vacation. When I got back, I was pretty busy, but that's never stopped me from posting before.

This time, it stopped me. I just didn't feel like tending to the blog, or the hobby really. There are trade packages collecting dust, cards people sent me collecting dust, binders collecting dust ... and some half-hearted posts to tie it all together.

But don't worry. I'm not going to start drawing ponies. I just wanted to see what it was like to ignore collecting for a few days. It felt good. A relief. My brain kept trying to turn post ideas over and and over in its head until it realized it didn't have to do that. "Phew," it said.

We've decided -- the brain and I -- that we're going to do it again. Soon. But I'll always be back. Even if it's just a trade post. (*Ahem*).

These are cards from Spiegel at Nomo's Sushi Platter. I can always count on him for a hard-target search of the want list. Let's see what he uncovered:

Well, now, that's pretty good searching. A numbered Don Drysdale card from a set that was never in my consciousness. Something from 2005 called Upper Deck Ultimate Signature. I bet it thought it was hot stuff seven years ago.

More cautionary tales from 2005. Brazoban was thought to be the next big thing after Eric Gagne. Arm problems put a stop to that. But that didn't prevent the Mets from acquiring him. The Mets have a fascination with Dodgers. Still, after all these years. Brazoban is now pitching in Japan.

My second Jake Daubert card. I mentioned 2 1/2 years ago about my desire to own more Daubert cards. Mark A. even was kind enough to leave me a Daubert list. But as with many things, I did nothing with it. Fortunately, Speigel is not as lazy as I. Presenting the 1913 National League MVP.

To answer this question, I use regular old Windex. And not very well, apparently.

(P.S.: Blogger needs to fix whatever issue it's having with links).

A card for the Olympics. Please say you're an "Olympic person." I get concerned for humanity when people say they don't watch the Olympics. Rise above the NBCism of the Olympics. There's still good in there.

This was one of several Allen & Ginter short-prints Spiegel sent me. However, this was the only one I needed, which backs my growing theory that not all A&G short-prints are created equal.

Spiegel always does such a great job searching out '77 Topps for me. I've upgraded several cards with the items he sent me. These three, however, fill holes. The Cuellar one has always been a favorite. When he was posing like that, us kids were doing the same staring through chain-link fences at people playing ball.

We've reached the autograph portion of the post. Spiegel is big into TTMs and that's where I benefit. This is my second Pena autographed card. It appears that a massive mudslide has hit Dodger Stadium.

How do you spruce up a 1987 Topps card that has been seen so often it makes collectors' eyes bleed? With a TTM signature, of course!

This is my first autograph of former Dodgers closer Ken Howell. He's had some hard health times fairly recently. But he's back and signing!

And, finally, a challenge.

This is a terrific card autographed by Steve Garvey. In person, I believe.

It's signed on a California Fire Prevention card from the late '80s. These are oversized, which means Garvey can't go in my Dodgers autographs binder OR I have to find different pages for the autograph binder.

Mr. Perfect always has to make things just so, doesn't he?

He's still cool. No matter how many jokes you make about him.

Spiegel also sent some night cards, which you'll see eventually.

It's good to be back in action.

In fact, it's really good to be back in action.

You'll see what I mean next post.


  1. I am a lazy person except when it comes to digging through want lists. I enjoy trading with team and set collectors just so I could comb through a want list.

  2. When I went to Florida in May, I stayed at a place where I had no access to the internet for 4 days. No blogging, no collecting. I missed it, but I didn't miss it, if you know what I'm saying..

  3. I love the Olympics and thanks for the tip.