Sunday, July 15, 2012

At last, some people who can't play baseball

After opening my first 2012 Allen & Ginter blaster and failing to pull a single base card of someone who was NOT a baseball player, I knew I would have to buy some more A&G almost right away. Having a stack of A&G cards in which every single person on them knows how to play baseball is a little disconcerting. It's like the universe is off by a couple of degrees. I mean, A&G isn't supposed to be THAT way. A majority of players? Sure. But not ALL.

So, on a much needed break from work Saturday night, I bought a rack pack and another blaster.

The rack pack yielded more baseball players. Thirteen base cards of ball players, two mini cards of ball players. Even the three special minis were baseball players. Fortunately, one of the cards was Mr. Kemp here, so I applaud this particular rack pack's selection.

But I turned to the blaster for consolation. Surely, there had to be even one base card of a non-baseball player, someone man or woman enough to send the anti-Ginter crowd into a frothing fit of indignation. I need Allen & Ginter to antagonize someone, dammit!!!

The blaster didn't let me down.

A card of an NFL pregame studio host, whose job is to keep the atmosphere jovial at all times -- kind of like a bar room crowd after eight drinks, in which everything seems funny even while nothing is. Honestly, I feel like I'm the designated driver when I watch NFL pregames.

A card of a golfer, who I know mostly for having meltdowns.

A card (and a mini card) of someone named Hank Haney, who is some famous golf instructor on The Golf Channel. The only thing that puts me to sleep quicker than golf is a channel of people romanticizing golf. In fact ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

A short-print of the first African-American in space.

A short-print of a player with one of the best basketball names of all-time.

And my first relic hit of the 2012 card collecting season. Some nifty "used memorabilia" of Olympic great Jackie Joyner-Kersee, one of the greatest female athletes ever.

Tremendous card and my first non-baseball hit from Allen & Ginter that didn't come from a hobby box or pack.

Unfortunately, it's dinged at the bottom, as you can see.

Oh, well. Still better than getting "hits" of Mike Morse, Brandon Morrow and Marlon Byrd. (Yes, I'm still convinced those would be my hits if I bought a box).

Glad to finally see some non-ball players in Ginter. I knew you still had it in you.

But I won't rest until that Kate Upton card is mine.


  1. My first couple packs had several of the non-sports people like Meadowlark Lemon, Richard Petty, Erin Andrews and some chick named Kate Upton.

  2. I want the Kate auto bad!! Love me some Kate!!

    Did you get my package?

  3. I got the Bluford short print in my blaster too!

    It was literally the only decent thing in the entire box. Not one single solitary Brave. Not even a Dodger! Ok, I did get Willie Mays. That was cool. Oh, and a pilot whale.

  4. Not too bad. My buddy bought a case and we ripped it together. He managed to pull a Kate Upton relic.

    He smelled it.

    I didn't speak to him for a good ten minutes or so.