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Glad someone is buying this?

I said a few weeks ago that I don't think I want every Dodger card anymore and I stand by that, but this is going to be a gradual process. I still have trouble saying no to inferior products/products that just don't speak to me anymore when it comes to my team.

It's a process, I'll get there. Soon I'll be muttering in a corner about "Topps flagship ONLY," and there will be a sign taped to my mailbox with that exact same message to the mailman. But until then, weee, somebody sent me Shiny and Unlicensed!
That somebody was Marc, who is getting back on the blogging horse despite having youngsters running amok. Somehow he is finding time to buy some of this stuff that I almost never see where I live, and don't even think to order online.
Glad he's doing it though ... um, I mean, I can't be accepting cards like this anymore!

 This envelope was heavy on distracting shiny -- takes your eye off the blank hats and unis, you know -- with all kinds of Panini Unnecessary, like Prizm here. I understand this set is popular with the Bros. They can have it.

Panini came up with a set called "Mosiac" a couple of years ago, or maybe it was one of those brands that was transferred over from football or basketball, I don't know. I was calling it "Marquee" before I realized that wasn't the name. It also seems unnecessary with Prizm already established as the Cold Metallic Set That Springs To Life With Color Parallels. 

I don't have enough willpower yet to stuff cards like this in a box instead of putting them in my Dodger binders, but that's the goal someday.

This is one of those Panini Batman sound effect cards -- BANG! Fun, I guess. There is no pink on this card, that's the reflection of the red shirt I'm wearing I believe.

Oh yes, we are not done with Over-The-Topness yet. I like the Overdrive cards in Chronicles. I do not think they need 27 parallels though. This is one. You may be able to use it as a strobe light.

Hey, look, someone sent me a Kershaw card I needed!!! I hope next year when he's retired or with the Rangers or whatever that people will finally stop hoarding their Kershaw cards, because I'm never going to stop collecting his cards.

This year's Donruss is heavy on legends, which does make it a little more interesting to me, kind of like Diamond Kings did. (The Bellinger card is from 2022).

The shiny in the envelope did not stop with Panini. Topps is going back in time again with Chrome Platinum Anniversary -- these are supposedly from 2022 but released in 2023. They're also going forward in time with the AI-like drawings. I've mentioned before I will NOT be buying any of this myself, which means it probably will take me awhile to land the Dodgers set, which is OK. I don't need to be looking at all these all at once too often.

I am marching toward finishing the 2023 Chrome set though, thanks to these very similar cards -- gee whiz, can you at least get someone from the left side?

These were about the only cards in the envelope from Marc that were not shiny nor unlicensed. It was a nice little breather.

The impetus for the envelope though were these two 2023 Heritage needs, which I did need at one point but no longer. I've moved fully into the high-number portion of the set.

This is where my current-collecting heart is right now and I have a feeling Heritage will be about 80-90 percent of my modern-card purchasing for the next five years. That is if Fanatics doesn't do something atrocious to the Heritage brand.


Old Cards said…
Nice Duke Snider and Jim Gilliam!
Nick said…
As bland as most Panini sets tend to be, I can't get myself to fully ignore them. They always seem to find a way into my binders and then they sit there forever because it's not like I ever have the urge to admire a Panini Prizm design.
The unlicensed cards are so awful. Can't stand them. And seeing a Donruss Duke Snider bothers me, bro.
pretty sure some of those dodgers are in that box I mentioned, lol. should be there by weeks end.
GCA said…
Oh please don't ever restrict your team collecting to only Topps flagship. I hate it when team collectors do that. It restricts my trade ability by 75%. Plus, it's got to be a lot less interesting. Topps flagship is the low end of creativity in the entire hobby.
Grant said…
I stopped buying Panini stuff due to the terrible points program. The colorful parallels and inserts look pretty sweet though.
AdamE said…
Your at the place I found myself a few years ago. I already didn't chase inserts and chasing current product seemed like nonsense. That is when I just started buying my team sets. I didn't think I would like it but it feels really good to be able to binder them and know that particular set is complete. Also when I get some of last year's sets in the spring I'm always like oh yeah, that reliever, I forgot all about him. In a way it is even more cathartic then building them.
Doc Samson said…
Baseball cards with no team logos are like a pizza with no cheese. Although, it’s a shame as some of those Panini cards are interesting. Thanks again, Mr. Owl.
Fuji said…
The reflection of your shirt actually makes that Bang insert look cooler. As for the overload of Panini baseball... I don't see myself ever handing over my hard earned money to open a box. But I've dished out some dimes and quarters for shiny singles here and there.
Jon said…
They're not for me, but I'd probably appreciate them a lot more if I were a team collector, and of course if someone were sending them to me free of charge. As for Marc, I really hope that he'll be able to stick around. I like his posts.