Saturday, January 11, 2014

Because I said so

As a kid, one of the great tricks of adulthood was the big people's ability to get me to do what I didn't want to do with a single declaration:

"Because I said so."

No reasoning. No elaboration.

It was an amazing power.

And I did whatever the big people demanded. Because they said so.

I admit, as an adult now, being able to say those four words and watching some little person do what you want, is a pretty big perk. Unfortunately, that perk wears off when the little person becomes a bit bigger and single sentences don't work anymore.

These days I say lots of things that could be considered instructions, orders, advice, etc. And nothing happens. Because nobody is doing anything just because I said so.

That's why I honestly don't expect anyone to follow any advice I give out on this blog. I don't expect anyone to do what I say when I rant. And I certainly don't expect anyone to give me cards just because I say I need them.

I get ignored in life, I expect to get ignored here.

Yet, very recently, I have received three cards from three different people just because I said so.

This card came from Jeff at My Sports Obsession. It's one of those grand 1977 TCMA Renata Galasso cards that is a direct pipeline to my childhood collecting days.

Jeff is a Wilhelm collector and he had some extras. Flush with flashback fever and not even aware that this was a New York Giant, I left this comment:

And a few weeks later, the card arrived in my mailbox.

Because I said so.

This card arrived recently from Bert at Swing and a Pop-Up. It came out of some monster box of 1,400 cards. Finest never visits my neighborhood and I'm perpetually in need of the Dodgers from that set.

So a 2013 Clayton Kershaw Finest card? Gimme.

Here was my response to him showing that card on his blog:

That first sentence is my standard reaction to people actually being able to find real, live cards at their local card shop -- you fortunate souls. The second sentence is me saying so.

And now I have it -- because Bert got the hint -- and because I said so.

This card arrived just today from Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop. See? I can actually post things on time (he also sent the Ramon Martinez card at the top of the post).

I can't find the comment I left asking for this card, but I know I did. Marcus collects players named "Foster" and when this card appeared on his blog, I instantly knew it was one I needed -- even though I had never heard of Kris/John Foster in my life.

Sure enough, Marcus sent it. Because I said so.

It's great having that kind of power.

And having people who actually respond to things I say.

Thanks for listening.

It's such a rare trait these days.


  1. Tell folks you been pictures of Ben Franklin and see what happens.

    1. Soupy Sales did something similar once. It didn't end well.

    2. 'been' = 'need'

      @Stubby I loved Soupy as a kid. We thought being a Soupy Sales fan made us cool somehow.

  2. I'll be honest - I mostly skimmed this post. From the title, I only had one think going through my head:

    Very under rated band in my opinion.

    1. Wow, last time I thought about The Godfathers was in college.

      Thanks for skimming. I'll try to add more Upton next time.

  3. Wow, a Godfathers reference on a baseball card blog. Awesome band.

  4. I've never heard of the Godfathers....and I'm a musician too. I'm so ashamed.

  5. Lol... I'm going to try using those four words the next time a student asks me "why?"... just to see his/her facial expression. (just kidding)