Saturday, June 19, 2010

A pack break after my sugar crash

I am very lazy today. Vacation is 12 hours away, relatives are out of the house, and there is about 15 pounds of sugar coursing through my bloodstream at the present time. With a cake-cookie-ice cream-strawberry shortcake-cinnamon roll-induced nap on the horizon, let's see if I can get a simple pack break of Topps Series 2 up on the blog without dozing off.

Actually, it's a two-pack break. The first is a simple loose pack. The second is a rack pack. I've already shown a cereal box here. If I buy a blaster, that will appear here, too.

I'm in such a sugar haze that I couldn't even go out to the car and find the wrappers. So I filched the Pedroia pack image from A Pack To Be Named Later. Sorry. The sugar made me do it.

OK, here is the pack:

1. #657 - Chris Young, Padres

2. #561 - Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals (Young and Zimmerman seem to appear together in Topps' wonderful collation. There are more examples of this later).

3. #430 - Kazuo Matsu, Astros
4. #498 - Sergio Santos, White Sox
5. #480 - Boston Red Sox
6. #379 - Phil Hughes, Yankees
7. Million Card Giveaway code card

8. #CMT108 - Mariano Rivera, Yankees, Card Your Mom Threw Out (it's difficult to see on the white background, but the card seems to be miscut and features a white line down the right side).

9. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, Topps Attax code card
10. #658 - Tommy Hunter, Rangers
11. #624 - Carlos Beltran, Mets
12. #562 - Carlos Quentin, White Sox (OK, remember the Hunter, Beltran, Quentin sequence)

Here is the rack pack. I liked this much better:

1. #356 - Angels Franchise history (big Mike Scoscia holding the WS trophy)
2. #435 - Nelson Cruz, Rangers
3. #501 - Jake Peavy, White Sox
4. #591 - Fernando Rodney, Angels
5. #418 - Aaron Laffey, Indians

6. #461 - Tyson Ross, Athletics
7. #392 - Carlos Monasterios, Dodgers
8. #637 - Prestigous Pinstripe Power (Ruth & Gehrig) (these 3 cards also appeared in the same order in the one cereal box I bought).

9. #553 - Florida Marlins
10. #539 - Arizona Diamondbacks
11. #429 - Seth Smith, Rockies
12. Chase Utley, Phillies, Topps Attax code card

13. #HWS11 - Johnny Podres, Dodgers, History of the World Series (very pleased with this. The only cards from this series I want are Dodgers)

14. #TR73 - Chad Billingsley, Dodgers, Turkey Red (awesome. Get better, Chad. The Dodgers signed Claudio Vargas!)

15. #611 - Josh Outman, A's (I know I'm not the first person to say this, but a hitter in the majors needs to change his last name to "Hitman" so these two guys can face off against each other).

16. #634 - Casey Kotchman, Mariners
17. #354 - Evan Longoria, Rays

18. #658 - Tommy Hunter, Rangers (here we go)
19. #624 - Carlos Beltran, Mets
20. #562 - Carlos Quentin, White Sox (wonderful. I just love picking up two packs of cards -- two packs! -- and getting the same three cards in each pack. Nice job, Topps).

21. #573 - Johan Santana, Mets
22. #531 - Matt Cain, Giants
23. #655 - Ryan Madson, Phillies

24. #491 - Rafael Furcal, Dodgers (just need Kuroda, Martin and DeWitt to finish off the Dodger base set)

25. #648 - Brian Fuentes, Angels
26. #534 - Hideki Okajima, Red Sox
27. #451 - Michael Saunders, Mariners
28. #641 - Chase Headley, Padres
29. Topps Millon Card Giveaway card

30. #CMT111 - Fan Favorites (Ichiro & Pujols), Card Your Mom Threw Out (Weirdly designed card from 2004, and there is no way on Wieters' green earth that this was thrown out by a single mom on the planet).

31. #PP99 - Brian McCann, Braves, Peak Performance
You Sketch It card (Weeeeeeeee!)

32. #596 - Brendan Ryan, Cardinals
33. #358 - Mark Buehrle, White Sox
34. #439 - Emilio Bonafacio, Marlins
35. #526 - Carlos Guillen, Tigers (Buehrle, Bonafacio and Guillen also appear to be attached at the hip in Topps' evil collation scheme)

36. #619 - Mike Napoli, Angels (are you keeping track of Angels? I pulled 4 in this pack. Angels "mojo" continues)

So there you are. Some cards I want, and a bunch of doubles -- already.

Oh, and you heard the card:

You sketch it! What should I sketch on here? You make the call. If I get a particularly good answer, I'll draw it and feature it here.

But first I need to slip into a sugar coma.


  1. Draw Lincoln getting hit by a pie.

  2. I was going to say have Bush pitching to Obama with Lincoln catching. But the pie on Lincoln is a good one too.

  3. The Ruth/Gehrig card is so cool!