Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 more states down

This trade map has worked quite well so far. Since the last time it made an appearance, less than a month ago, I've added two more states. All of states shaded in blue include residents who have sent me cards.

The two dark blue states -- Colorado and New Hampshire -- are the most recent additions to the map. Also, in response to Captain Canuck whining about being left out, I have colored Alaska red. No, it's not Canada, and, yes, there are other states closer to Alberta than Alaska, but that's as far as I'm going. Send me some cards, CC, and maybe I'll color Montana red.

I am very happy to fill in Colorado. I found a Rockies fan and sent her some cards that were beating down the door to get out of my collection. Shelliebee mentioned the trade on her blog long ago, so it's about time I get around to reciprocating (that's your big word for the day).

The cards from New Hampshire came from Section 36. He's a Red Sox fan, as every resident of the Granite State should be. That means I am currently scrounging for random Red Sox, since I just sent out Beaneater packages to two other people. As many Red Sox cards as Topps makes these days, there still aren't enough to go around.

So, let's see what the two newest members of the trade map sent my way. And I wonder what it's going to take to get someone from Hawaii to send me cards?

Shelliebee of The Middle Child is up first:

Isn't that great? Skybox-Thunder-Circa-Whatever-the-Heck-It-Was sums up the 1990s quite well. Throw in some flannel and beanie babies, slip in a dvd of The Matrix, and you're ready for a really lame party celebrating a decade that wasn't all that long ago.

After Darren Dreifort's career imploded in a hail of shoulder, arm, knee and hip injuries, did anyone consider making him an offensive player, like Rick Ankiel? During his best years, he was an OKish hitter. I mean, shouldn't he have earned his contract somehow? At least he could've swept the dugout after games.

Another '93 Stadium Club Dodger that I needed. Everytime I look at my want list for '93 SC, I have to lie down afterward. It's just too depressing.

One of the few 2009 Bowman Chrome Dodgers I still needed. Shelliebee really did a great job of searching the ol' want list.

The more I see insert cards from the 1990s, the more I like them. Even the ones with goofy names ("raw power" is OK, though). But I wonder: how much of the card company employees' work day is spent thinking up titles for insert sets?

I'm quite sure I've seen this photo multiple times on Mondesi card. I'm going to have to go into the laboratory and investigate.

More 1990s Mondesis!!!! He sure made for some animated cards, didn't he?

I would have to go into a time machine back to 1998 and figure out why they made cards that looked like Pacific Omega. Even when I returned to 1998, I don't think I'd know the answer. Not that I had the time back then to even think of stuff like that. Too busy with the diaper genie.

Hey, the rules don't say that you need your mouth to catch a ball.

Many thanks, Shelliebee. Good luck to your Rockies, except when they play, um, that certain team.

Next, I journey all the way across the country to New Hampshire for the cards that Section 36 sent me. Section 36 refers to the center field seats in Fenway Park. I have watched a ballgame from center field in Fenway Park. But I couldn't tell you what section I was in. I might have the ticket stub around somwhere. I'll get back to you on that. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.

Most of these cards came off my want list, too, which is great. Glad to see I'm not updating that thing for nothing (still haven't completed my 2005 and 2006 wants yet).

I must start with any Nomo card that is new to me. Here is a golden Nomo from 2004 Bowman. This was after Nomo's triumphant return to the Dodgers as he won 16 games in 2003.

The final two Dodgers that completed the '01 Fleer Premium team set for me. Yes, I know it was just a 7-card set. All of the Fleer sets of that era were paltry in number. But if I can eliminate the series from the want list, then it's one of the day's top 10 highlights. (ooh, that sounded kind of pathetic).

That is very pretty. I received a couple other Bowman Best's from 2000, but this one is blue so it gets preferential treatment.

I love Eric Gagne cards. I don't care if he was considered a junk hit in last year's Gint-a-Cuffs. I would've been happy with it -- even in that Brewers uniform.

Every once in awhile I get down on the Dodgers for surrendering Jayson Werth. Then I remember L.A.'s current outfield and I scold myself for being so stupid.

There are sets on my want list that I have never seen, nor never heard of, until I typed them into the list. Upper Deck Top 10? Not an ounce of recognition in that. But you never know what folks are going to have in their collection. Consider me officially informed about the '03 Top 10 set now. Looks like I didn't miss much.

I will end this post properly with a card of Duke Snider. Did anyone catch Fox's Red Sox-Dodgers broadcast when Tim McCarver brought up a story about Snider and Gil Hodges and Hodges throwing a knuckleball? The story degenerated into McCarver babbling facts about Snider and his nickname. McCarver almost sounded drunk. And I felt almost uncomfortable for him. That never happens.

Thanks Section 36! I'll have some cards to you hopefully soon. I got delayed watching the Red Sox sweep the Dodgers. What an ugly fiasco.

These two trades bring me up to 33 states on the ol' map. And I'm happy to say that I am presently working on a trade with someone from a 34th state.

Nobody can say I'm not patriotic.

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