Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's that time of year for a gigantic trade post

About one year ago, I did my first ginormous trade post, combining several trades together.

I am sure that at least a few people consider lumping several trades into one monster post as "tacky."

To those people, I say "bite me." The massive trade post is my way of accomplishing several things at once. Specifically, I am able to contribute non-trade blog content while still thanking my fellow collectors for sending much needed cards my way.

If I didn't do things this way, you would be subjected to a never ending stream of trade posts. There wouldn't be room for anything else. So, as much as I would like to devote a single post to every single trade, I can't. It wouldn't achieve what I wanted to achieve and the blog would cease to be entertaining.

Besides one giant, massive trade post is FUN! It's EXCESS. We Americans like excess, don't we? Who doesn't love a deep-fried Snickers bar? Mashed potatoes on a hamburger? Gold foil on everything? That's good stuff.

So I present to you one heaping helping of trades. You will leave this post, feeling stuffed, queasy and maybe not wanting to see cards for a few hours. But you'll be back. Cards are too tasty to avoid forever.

I'll break these down into cards that are something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. It is the month to get married, after all.

Let's dive in:


From Joe M: Paul Konerko, 1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars, Power Tools insert series.You cannot view a insert set that uses the word "tools" and not snicker. It's impossible. And unfortunate. But it's a fact of life.

From Community Gum: Kevin Gross, 1992 Pinnacle. There are a few junk wax era sets that make me mutter under my breath because I've yet to complete the Dodger set when I should have completed it approximately 18 years ago. 1992 Pinnacle is one of those.

From Community Gum: Bob Ojeda, 1992 Bowman. When you saw this did you first think that it was one of those Throwback cards from 2010 Bowman? I did, too. See how modern cards mess us up?

From Community Gum: Eric Karros, 1993 Upper Deck Glow Stars. Am I going to zap this item with artificial light, turn off the lights and enjoy this card as God intended? Too late, I already did.

From Community Gum: Jim Neidlinger, 1991 Line Drive. Jim apparently has a surprise for the photographer. What you got behind your back there, buddy?

From I Don't Know ... 3rd Base: Ed Brinkman, 1975 Topps and Topps mini: '75 Minis!!!!!!!!!! Roger L. adds his name to the list of select collectors who have sent me '75 Topps minis. This is a very special list. One of these days I'll have to figure out a reward for getting on the very special list.

From I Don't Know ... 3rd Base: Ben Oglivie, 1975 Topps mini and Woodie Fryman, 1975 Topps: Well, these don't go together like the Brinkmans. But you can tell Roger is from Tiger country can't you?


From Community Gum: Manny Ramirez, 2010 Opening Day: Well, what can I say about an Opening Day card. Thank you?

From Joe L: Manny Ramirez, 2010 Topps National Chicle: Here is more Manny. This painting once disturbed me. But I've come around. I don't mind it.

From Joe L.: Jonathan Broxton, 2010 Topps National Chicle: Every time I see this guy on national TV, he's screwing up. It's skewing my perception of him. I need to move to California or spring for the Extra Innings package.

From Joe L: pointless National Chicle back variations. If you care, the Bazooka back is Matt Kemp and the Chicle back is Broxton. Is anyone collecting all of the back variations? I'm thinking if they are, they don't want to admit it.

From Joe M: Chad Billingsley, 2009 Bowman Xrefractor: OK, here is a variation I can respect. Billingsley needs to come back. I have no idea what the Dodgers rotation is anymore.

From Joe M: James Loney, 2010 Topps Finest. Finest is SO disappointing this year. It looks dreary. Finest is not supposed to be dreary. I don't see myself buying even the 2 packs that I usually buy. Sad.

From Community Gum: Matt Kemp, 2010 Topps Heritage, New Age Performers. Awesome. This card signals the end of me buying Heritage for the rest of the year. All the Dodgers are in the fold. No need to blow money on this boring set. And I refuse to go for the dice backs.

From Joe M: Clayton Kershaw, 2010 Topps gold. Sweet! Probably my favorite card on this post. I know gold cards are overblown. I'd be the first to tell you that. But I love getting parallels of my favorite player.


From Joe M: Russell Martin and Brad Penny, 2008 Upper Deck OPC. I don't have my big book of cards, so I'm guessing that these were inserts in 2008 Upper Deck. They sure are simplistic-looking cards, front and back. But I'm assuming the design is borrowed from some past OPC set.

From Noah: Ron Cey, 2005 Upper Deck Classics, silver parallel: Cool! A Ron Cey card I needed. There aren't too many of those left. Good for Noah. He is the king of the numbered stuff.

From Noah: Pedro Guerrero, 2005 Upper Deck Classics, league leaders: More numbered goodness. You may wonder why I'm showing these last two cards under "something borrowed." Well, I've seen the photos on both of these cards many, many times.

From Joe L: Jackie Robinson, 2010 National Chicle: This might be the best-looking card in the entire Chicle set. I'm a bit sick of Robinson's image being used for every set. But most of the cards he appears on look pretty damn nice.


From Noah: Derek Lowe and Russell Martin, 2007 Topps Chrome. Both are refractors. I have 4 or 5 versions of the Lowe card now. I'm sure I've seen that photo in my sleep a time or two.

From Joe L: Duke Snider, 2010 Topps National Chicle. This is one of those cards that shows old stars in updated uniforms. This one makes sense. A few others, like the Ryan Howard one, do not.

From Noah: Sandy Alomar Jr., 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X: I wish this card looked that blue in person. Unfortunately it do not.

From I Don't Know ... 3rd Base: Clayton Kershaw, 2008 Allen & Ginter mini. This was a Nebulous 9 need. The first one off the list in a long time. Kershaw's spot has been replaced by another annoying card that's eluded me for too long.

From Noah: Shawn Green, 2003 Upper Deck Headliners jersey card. Me likey. Let's review: Shawn Green. Jersey piece. Newspaper vibe. I don't even care that you can't make "Headliners" into the initials "H.L." as Upper Deck did, making a complete mockery of the English language. It's that fantastic.

All right. That's the whole thing! You made it through.

Sure, it might've been too much of a good thing. But think of it this way: my next post won't be a trade post.

Many thanks to Joe M., Joe L., Jon of Community Gum, Roger L. of I Don't Know ... 3rd Base, and Noah.

Now go grab the Pepto.


  1. I'm not sure I understand the Duke Snider Chicle card. It's Duke in an updated uni but it's not included with the rest of that subset. Instead it is randomly placed among the cards of the current players. Why did they put this one card of a retired all-time great amongst the current players while the rest of the retirees all grouped together. Better yet, why is this one not grouped with the short prints because the retired greats in updated unis are supposed to be shortprints.

  2. I think you exceeded ginormous this year. Well done!

  3. The Duke LA Dodger card is in with the rest of the base set because one of the cards had to be pulled for some reason. Topps pulled the Duke out of the Short prints, put it in the base set and numbered the set to 329 to make up for it.

    They should have left card 166 out of the set and sent out Napoleon Lajoie cards to anyone who complained.

  4. Interesting. I noticed in a checklist that I found online somewhere that 166 was supposed to be Fu-Te Ni, so maybe who ever that dude is didn't make it and that's why they needed a replacement. I'm guessing that they just took Ian Desmond off the end of the checklist (#330) and made him #300 to replace the spot that was originally meant for Duke. Are you just lamenting that there should have been Napoleon LaJoie cards, or are there actually cards of him that I now have to seek out?