Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm a winner and a loser

I am the lowest of the low in terms of displaying my baseball card gains in a prompt and efficient manner.

For example, I am just now getting to the prize that I received for claiming Play at the Plate's May contest. Brian is already into this month's contest and I can barely get around to advertising why you need to enter his monthly giveaways.

In short, I am a loser when it comes to winnings.

But I will plow through in the hopes that someone will see these fine gifts, sneak through just under the wire in entering Brian's June contest, win the whole damn thing, and then shower me with praise and gratitude and perhaps enough money so I never have to work again.

That's all I'm hoping for here. Immeasurable wealth.

So with that fantasy in mind, here are some of the splendid cards that I won:

First up are the final two Dodger 2010 Heritage needs. Still looking for that New Age Kemp, but otherwise, Heritage is Plan "G" in the card aisle from this point forward. Bowman is beating you, Heritage. Bowman!

A single card from my 1984 Donruss want list. This is Tom Henke's rookie card. Back when he was a tiny Terminator.

Probably my favorite card from the prize package. This gets me geared up for 2010 Gint-a-Cuffs. Sadly, I haven't ordered my box yet. I'm still hoping for a discount to fall from the sky.

By the way, I fully intend to add Ethier next to the "Dodgers That I Collect" section.

The newly retired Griffey. Where do people who already live in Florida go to retire?

If you haven't noticed, Brian went shopping through my want lists for my prize. Among the cards were several from 2009 Chrome.

Just a couple more. J-Roll is thanking all the ballot-stuffers ... er, fans.

Another series of cards from a set I collect -- 2009 OPC. Still need a bunch of these.

I put the Youkilis and Jeter cards together on purpose. I'm a smart-ass like that. Also, I like to show all the Pirates OPC cards because I think it's the only recorded case in history of vertical venetian blinds appearing on a baseball card. You can check me on that, but I'm fairly confident.

Brian also sent a few unopened chrome packs from a few different years. I opened them and I'm happy to say that crappy packs are found just as easily in Texas as in New York. I think I pulled three of those stupid Mantle home run/retrospective things, including that one where he's in his jockey shorts, or whatever they wore in the '50s. Lordy.

The Rollins card, a numbered refractor, was the "best" card.

I received a whole mess of other cards, too. All very much appreciated. Which is why you should enter the monthly contests.

Brian also sent this:

It is key, because I still owe Steve several of these code cards for that great '71 Thurman Munson card he sent. But since this is part of a prize, I will be redeeming this one on my own. It's a long time since I've redeemed one of these and it will probably be the only one I get to redeem for awhile. So I'm going to take my time.

We'll see how these things work when there are leaves on the ground.


  1. I thought the Pearce card was funny too. I don't think I ever have or ever will see blinds on another card. It's easy to pick some cards for a prize when you have incredibly organized wantlists like yours. Also, the winner has been chosen for the June contest. The results are written and will post in a few hours! So it looks like you'll have to wait on that shower of riches. Thanks for the mention though.

    Verification word: ocklikli--maybe the weirdest one yet.

  2. I have a Kershaw Gypsy Queen to match that Andre. I think I remember you posting that you already had it, maybe not, either way, he'd be happier with you I'm sure.

  3. I won his contest for April and I haven't posted my winnings yet, so don't feel bad... Anxious to see what that card unlocks...

  4. You my friend, are many things, but a loser is not one of them.

  5. Could it be that Steve Pearce is standing in front a shower curtain? Is there a 'Psycho' element here?