Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

You may have read, Dime Box Nick went to a card show over the weekend.

Yeah, I know, hard to believe, right? Nick posting about a card show? With the number that he goes to he could rename his blog "I'm at a Card Show ... Again" and it would be completely accurate.

It must be quite the feeling to have that many shows on the docket (we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!). Last weekend's show appeared to be a hit, based solely on the Hostess cards he displayed. That's the kind of stuff I should be finding at my twice-a-year show.

But as I've mentioned before, I am the beneficiary of Nick's many shows. He sent me a nice stack of cards recently and I'm pretty sure many of the cards came from his show-going.

But come inside, the show's about to start. It's guaranteed to blow your head apart:

He sent 19 Allen & Ginter minis in an attempt to crack my frankenset binder. The above seven actually did make the binder. I have no attachment to competitive sheep-shearers, there was an empty spot at No. 140.

Let's get some late '90s/turn of the century needs out of the way early. I don't have much to say about them.

(Move along! Move along!)

I hope those kids got a thrill that day because a Roger Cedeno autograph isn't even worth a conversation in the break room today.

These are here just to show you the oddly shaped Kaz Ishii mini, which is similar in size to early '50s Bowman. *Sigh* Time to see if I have any of those pages left.

Nick managed to find two Dodger cards from 1993 that I didn't have. And both are Eric Karros That's practically a magic trick. I can't tell you whether each of these completes the team set for me. Still recreating the want lists.

I have no idea why Topps chromed up the exact same First Pitch cards that appeared in flagship. But at least I got the two to hold hands.

Some unlicensed fun. I believe the photo of Sutton on the Leaf card is from the 1978 postseason given the Jim Gilliam No. 19 patch worn on the sleeve.

There's some rock 'n' roll to go with my post theme! (You've got to see the show. It's a dynamo. You've got to see the show. It's rock 'n' roll!)

Nick is one of those generous collectors who is not afraid to send me Kershaw cards. Let's cross off those 2017 wants!

I am currently trying to update my Dodgers binders (while updating my want lists, this is quite a challenge). When I'm updating binders and have cards continuously coming to the house, I try to leave slots open for cards I know I've recently received but haven't been cataloged yet.

Nick smartly noted that these cards are Topps Tiffany. He should have known how brain-dead I am and also marked that there were 3 cards in the penny sleeve. I left just one slot open in my binder for the card on top, not knowing there were 2 underneath. And I ain't going back to 1988 now!

Now it's time for retro fun. I own the TCMA Hodges already but I WILL collect the whole set someday. Pee Wee is winking at you all because, gosh, that "Los Angeles" looks weird on him.

This card is here because it's only of interest to me (as opposed to the other cards). I own like five different parallels of this card, but didn't have the base card until now. Wooo, excitement!

(There behind the glass stands a real blade of grass, be careful as you pass, move along, move along).

All right, now it's time for my five favorite cards from the package:

5. Cracked Kellogg's cards make me sad, but I can't argue with a '74 card of The Bull. It will definitely make me run out and get a second one.

4. Ha, this is great. A 1970 Topps Scratch-Off of future Dodger Jimmy Wynn. I love it. Yup, it's all scratched off inside, but who cares? This card is a show in itself.

3. More '70s references! This is so my speed. The actual Golden Age sets are not pretty, but the inserts sure are and Farrah is a testament to that. The back of the card actually features the phrase "while men drooled over the poster ..."

2. Although the 1973 Kellogg's card is the only one that doesn't feature 3-D action, I have to admit it's more convenient for handling. And you would have a difficult time matching any of the 3-D designs with the Astros uniform at the time like the '73 design does. The '73 Kellogg's cards remind me of both late '50s all-star cards and '80s minor league issues. We need more of this look with today's cards.

1. Some would argue that this is not a card but an advertising tag to which I would respond by hauling the giant Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards book down the stairs an fumbling through the pages until I came to the Louisville Slugger listing.

Come on! Of course, it's a card (I have the Garvey and Hershiser ones, too)! It's a great one.

So there you are. That's my show about the cards Nick got me from his show. Not his most recent show, some other show. Or maybe the one before that. I don't know. Just some show. They never seem to end for Nick.

Oh, what a lucky man he is.


  1. Glad you enjoyed everything! Hope I made it worth your while for the Schwarbers (and thanks again for those!). I didn't know Topps had chromed-up the First Pitch cards until I found those, and I can't say I've ever seen a modern mini quite like that Ishii. Happy I sent you the Webster too, as I know how frustrating having parallels of a card w/o the base version can be.

  2. That Ishii is a knockoff of a 1909 t204 Ramly Nick always comes. Through

  3. I love seeing one of my favorite live albums on this blog!!

  4. one of my favorite all-time bands. RIP, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.

  5. That Louisville Slugger oddball is fantastic! Never seen that set before. Pedro's smile reminded me of one of his 80's Donruss Diamond Kings I picked up recently.

  6. Nick truly has a gift for finding awesome, cheap cardboard. Also, that Ishii mini appears to be patterned after the old T204 Ramly tobacco cards.

  7. Great Farrah! I put this same card in my 70s binder next to the Golden Age Lee Majors. A 'right on' package from Nick!