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Silly collector, cards are for kids

I received this card from The Lost Collector a week or two ago. He said Sports Illustrated For Kids arrived unexpectedly when he ordered Sports Illustrated. And, of course, we all know Sports Illustrated For Kids means ... CARDS!!!

This is actually one of my three big beefs with Sports Illustrated.

I shall cover them in order:

1. I have ordered a subscription to Sports Illustrated four or five times in my life. Not once did I get one of the cool free promotional items that SI was always offering on those ubiquitous TV commercials. I didn't get the free football phone or the sneaker phone or the binoculars or any of the video cassette retrospectives. I think once I received a sweatshirt, with "SPORTS ILLUSTRATED" branded on it, so I could look especially doofy. It seems that when I was ready to order Sports Illustrated, that's the exact moment all the free promotions ended.

2. Sports Illustrated just scrapped their photography staff. Yes, you heard that right. The magazine that has "Illustrated" in the title doesn't fully employ photographers anymore. This is baffling, comical, sad and enraging all at the the same time. Sports Illustrated is known for their photography. You'd think they'd put a premium on that job position. But now, all of their photography is done by free-lancers. This is the way of the world, where everyone with a smart phone thinks they just took the Best Picture Ever. But photo journalism is and should be a respected job title. It is a craft that not just anyone can do. But thanks for taking a stand, SI.

3. Why aren't there cards in regular Sports Illustrated? When I first found out that SI was sticking cards in Sports Illustrated for Kids, I was offended. SI -- which has done large stories on the hobby in the past -- is not taking us adult collectors seriously just like mom, your girlfriend and everyone else (full credit: they did publish a few swimsuit model cards for one of their swimsuit issues).

How many collectors have subscribed to Sports Illustrated For Kids just for the cards? I know I thought about it a few times.

I probably would have been more serious if the cards were a bit more substantial. They're perforated and flimsy just like those cards you used to get in Baseball Card Magazine.

But I DO appreciate a brand new 2015 Kershaw for the collection (did they really print at least 401 different cards?)

Sports Illustrated used to be the ultimate career goal for me. I've said a number of times over the years that I would love to write for a sports magazine and Sports Illustrated would be the pinnacle.

That's not much of a goal anymore, due to age and something called the internet. Magazines don't have the same hold on the public that they once did.

Also, this blog allows me to write whatever I want, and as in depth as I want. Sports Illustrated could never do that.

But they do have one thing I want:

The cards.

Still want to try one of those sneaker phones out, too.


JediJeff said…
I received a sneaker phone with a subscription once. The experience of talking in a shoe shaped phone, from style to looks to audio quality, is exactly what one expect if you spoke into a shoe. Minus the hot Agent 99.
Josh D. said…
SI for Kids can sometimes be purchased with expiring airline miles. That's how I got my son's subscription (which I take the cards out of before he can destroy them).

They put 9 cards in each issue, so that's 44 issues since they started this series of cards to get to #401. They try to have a blend of male/female athletes and various sports, both pro and college. I would estimate that about 3 cards per issue are from the "Big 3" sports (MLB/NFL/NBA), with the rest being college, extreme sports, Olympic sports, and other pro sports (hockey, golf, etc.).
That's exactly how I got mine. I had mikes to burn, but got SI and had no clue SI for Kids came with it. Cool bonus.

Some of the old cards - like Tiger Woods from 1996 or 97 - go for crazy amounts on eBay.
*Miles. No mikes were burned.
Tony L. said…
I remember that "football phone" commercial. It was on TV nonstop my freshman year of college, and since we watched TV nonstop, I think I saw the ad about 800,432 times.

The one person I remember in that ad was the woman with the New York accent who said, "I'm going to get one for my father, my brother, AND my boyfriend!"

That's all.
Zippy Zappy said…
I'm amazed that Sports Illustrated for Kids still exists.
Jupiterhill said…
My subscription is about to run out, but I got mine for free. I get it mainly for the cards, but sometimes has decent articles in it. The only reason I got mine is because I found it for free on one of my survey sites I do. I hope they bring it back, but doesn't look like I'll get it anymore. I do wish the cards were just a bit thicker, but its free so I can't complain.
Stubby said…
Off Topic. Is it just me or does the Topps Opening Day Johnny Cueto SP look like Whoopi Goldberg?
Fuji said…
I have two subscriptions to SI for Kids... one for my bathroom and one for my classroom. P.S. I've got to track down those swimsuit cards.
Marc said…
My Sports Illustrated magazines from August 1954 have baseball cards in them.

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