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Top of their class

This is another "for posterity" post.

I'm trying to determine which major league records are held by Dodgers. I've always had the feeling that they don't hold a lot of them. They seem to be held mostly by Yankees or bulbous-headed steroid users or other such nonsense. Or maybe it's just my inferiority complex.

The Dodgers have gotten along pretty well without setting a lot of records, but I think I'm missing some. So that's the reason for the post. I'm going to list what I know here, and then add more as I stumble across them. As always, if you know of major league marks held by Dodgers, please let me know.

Here is what I've got right now -- basically off the top of my head:

Karl Spooner, starting pitcher, 1954-55
MLB record held: Most strikeouts, game, rookie (tie), 15 (Sept. 22, 1954 vs. Giants).

Gil Hodges, first baseman, 1943, 1947-61
MLB record held: Most home runs, game (tie), four (Aug. 30, 1950 vs. Braves).

Sandy Koufax, starting pitcher, 1955-66
MLB records held: Most strikeouts, season, left-hander, 382 (1965); Shutouts, season, left-hander, 11 (1963); Most no-hitters, one team (tie), four; Most no-hitters, National League, four; Most strikeouts, perfect game, 14 (Sept. 9, 1965 vs. Cubs); Fewest hits per nine innings, left-hander, career, 6.79; Fewest baserunners per nine innings, left-hander, season, 7.83 (1965)

Mike Marshall, relief pitcher, 1974-76
MLB record held: Most games pitched, season, 106 (1974); Most consecutive games pitched, 13 (1974).

Steve Garvey, first baseman, 1969-82
MLB record held: Most consecutive games played, National League, 1,207 (1975-83).

Orel Hershiser, starting pitcher, 1983-94, 2000
MLB record held: Most consecutive scoreless innings, 59 (Aug. 30-Sept. 28, 1988)

Shawn Green, right fielder, 2000-04
MLB records held: Most total bases, game, 19 (May 23, 2002 vs. Brewers); Most home runs, game (tie), four (May 23, 2002).

Eric Gagne, relief pitcher, 1999-2006
MLB records held: Most consecutive saves, 84 (2002-04); Most 50-save seasons, National League, two.

Andre Ethier, right fielder, 2006-present
MLB record: Longest hitting streak, April, 26 games (2011).

And that's what I got so far.

Some pretty impressive stuff after all. But I know there's more, and I've got to get some sleep. So, later.


Matthew Glidden said…
Orel Hershiser's scoreless inning streak, Gil Hodges 4-homer game, and Koufax's most Ks (14) in a perfect game. Koufax's perfecto also has the record for fewest base runners by both teams at 2.
night owl said…
Thanks, Matthew. Sandy had a bunch of them!
Captain Canuck said…
I have a question about Mr Koufax.

If his record for Fewest hits per nine innings, left-hander, season, 7.83 (1965)

how can his career record be lower than that? Fewest hits per nine innings, left-hander, career, 6.79

If the best and lowest Sandy got in a single season was 7.83, how could his career average be lower than that?
Ha, Captain Canuck stole my comment! I was wondering the same thing... I had forgot about the Shawn Green total bases thing. That was really amazing. As for Koufax, you could do a whole, long post on all his personal records... Great post as always Owl, observant as always Cap'n!
night owl said…
The season stat should read "baserunners" not "hits."

You've got a career as a proof-reader, CC!
steelehere said…
The Dodgers played in the longest game in MLB history.

26 innings in a 1-1 tie with the Boston Braves on May 1st, 1920.

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