Thursday, August 18, 2011

Organized chaos

It'd be interesting to be one of those people who knows what's going on at all times. They know which movies are at what theaters, when to buy and when to sell, which restaurant is the latest and greatest, and, oh, yes, go them, the best apps for their smart phone.

But that will never happen, because, one, I never plan to buy a smart phone unless it's required by law, and two, my life is just too filled with STUFF to stay on top of what you should do.

So, I will be perpetually behind. Yesterday, I attempted to get some card packages together and realized, oops, I don't have the right kind of envelopes, and, oops again, I've run out of labels. Then a sea monster came along and ate the rest of my day. So now I'm hoping, but not really planning, to grab some packaging supplies today so I can actually DO something tomorrow.

Then, last night, I tried to get a post together. But I started to feel icky and tired and that submarine sandwich I ate wasn't cooperating (because I don't know the latest and greatest restaurants), so I just went to bed, at the very-early-for-Night-Owl hour of 1:30 a.m.

So, here I am, posting a trade that was supposed to be posted yesterday, starting with a card that I thought I had a number of years ago, but actually apparently never had ever.

As everyone knows -- even people who are not on Twitter -- the card above is a 1989 Upper Deck Rick Dempsey card. It was sent to me by Max, and I chuckled knowingly to myself because, even though I'm a scatter-brained disaster, I like to think of myself as walking around with a pipe and smoking jacket all sophisticated-like.

As has happened hundreds of times, I thought I had this card already and I thought my '89 UD Dodgers team set complete way back when everyone was screaming about Brett Favre on a tractor. But actually this card was sent to me to remind me that I have no idea what I am doing, mister. No idea.

So, now, my '89 Upper Deck Dodger team set is complete. Really. I checked. Compared numbers and everything. I'm done and my want list isn't a series of generalities anymore -- at least not for that set.

Having taken care of that, let's see some other cards that Max sent that I KNEW I didn't have:

Tricked ya. Not really starting out with a card. This is a 7-Eleven Slurpee Triple Stars disc from the 1986. Pedro Guerrero shares space with Dave Parker and Harold Baines. Fortunately, the right guy appeared at the top on the scan, which is the way I hope it appears in my binder most of the time, or else it's going to get kicked out of the binder. Yes, it's happened before.

I was feeling proud of myself for owning this shiny Rookie Crusade card of Victor Alvarez, and then someone had to show off his autographs of Victor signing his name with a Van Halen "V." There I was back in early high school again, trying to figure out who Junior was and why I needed to see his grades.

Jeff Kent, the early years. Before we knew, what we know ... well, hell, we always knew. He was a Giant before he was a Dodger. That's a tip-off right there.

Here's a happy card. Erskine once held the record for the most strikeouts in a World Series game. He doesn't look or act like a bad-ass, but he was.

What a great card. Russ Meyer is turning and coughing out his signature. If only this card existed in 1955. But this is one of the Dem Bums cards from 2004 Topps.

More American Pie please! Nobody remembers Billy Buck without his mustache. Even during the height of his Dodger days he had a mustache and lots and lots of chest hair. The back of the card perplexes me. It sayeth: "In the early 1970s, Los Angeles was the home of sunshine, Disneyland and beautiful people ..."

It's not anymore? I get behind easily, you know. You've got to tell me where the beautiful people are hiding now.

Wow. This certainly sums up Pacific. And the late '90s. And Bobby Bonilla.

I'll just step aside and wait for the inevitable train wreck.

Hmmmm. Dodger card? Or does it go in my "Great Suspension Bridges" binder?

Just kidding. I'm not Michael Brady. Or Tom Selleck in "3 Men and a Baby."

Edwin Jackson's ultimate goal is to pitch for every Major League team. It's there in his contract.

And until looking at the back of this card, I didn't realize he was born in Germany.

OK, now we've reached the portion of the post where I really feel like I know something. These cards are helping me with the early stages of my 1977 set completion task. Now that I have a binder, let the nostalgia flashbacks begin!

There's a flashback now! The Brooks Robinson is much appreciated. You should see the '77 Robinson that I've had for 34 years.

Final card. Max just made completing the '77 set that much easier.

Once I'm done with this post, these cards will go off to various places. Some will go on the desk to be recorded and filed. Some will be placed immediately in a binder. Some will go in the Dodgers stack, and a few others were be designated for future trades. In the process of sending their cards to their respective stations, I will travel through virtually every room in the house.

See? It's organized. But it's chaos.

Now I've got to run. The sea monster is back.

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  1. I think that Bridge Binder was a second string bullpen catcher for the St. Louis Browns.