Friday, August 19, 2011

Cardboard appreciation, the review 2 (part 7)

Congratulations. You've just voted the football fairy into the next round of Cardboard Appreciation, The Review 2.

Let's all celebrate by staring at football on television from noon until 11 p.m.!

Oh, wait, it's only preseason crap now.

That's flat-out nasty.

So, on with baseball:

The 1992 Upper Deck Deion Sanders SP card was voted as the top card in the last grouping, as I expected. Here is the final tally:

1. 1992 Upper Deck SP Deion Sanders: 14 votes
2. 1974 Topps Traded Fernando Gonzalez: 9 votes
3. 1990 Donruss Bart Giamatti: 6 votes
4. 1982 Fleer Bob Sykes: 5 votes
5. 1981 Topps '80 NLCS: 4 votes
6. 2005 Topps Fan Favorites Bob Feller: 3 votes
7. 2008 Opening Day Fausto Carmona: 2 votes
8. 1981 Topps Larry Gura: 0 votes

No votes for Gura. That's distressing. But I was happy to see some love for Fernando and Bart.

So, now it's time for Part 7. It's another variety-filled offering. There is really no favorite here at all. I'll be interested to see which card gets the votes (I have a hunch again).

1. 2005 Upper Deck Past Time and Pennants Tommy John: Upper Deck should be ashamed of itself for such a long-ass title for a set. But this is about Tommy John and my appreciation for the player and the man for 40-plus years.

2. 1984 Donruss Rudy Law: Has a card ever reminded you of your least favorite boss of all-time? It has for me. ... And we are appreciating this card why?

3. 1989 Bowman Bo Jackson: Bo Jackson could make appearing on a Bella Sara card look bad-ass.

4. 1995 Fleer Update Carlos Perez: Once I intended to find cards that summed up the subject on the card perfectly. I began and ended that experiment with this card.

5. 2010 Upper Deck Josh Fields: This card came complete with my predictions for the 2011 Major League season. I only mildly embarrassed myself with those ... who thought the Diamondbacks and Indians would be good?

6. 2011 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks Dodger Stadium: It's still a great park, no matter what some people say.

7. 2010 Upper Deck Eric Stults: Wow, two cards from 2010 Upper Deck? I don't even like the set. I do like to see pitchers batting, though.

8. 1989 Topps "Rock" Raines: For five wonderful years on Topps baseball cards, Tim Raines was known as "Rock." I guess people still call him "Rock," but I call him "Tim."

So there you are. There is a lot of character in those cards, and some characters, too.

The poll is up on the sidebar at right.

For those of you waiting for the contest results, I should get to figuring out the winner in the next day or so, and should have the results up at some point on the weekend.


  1. The Bo Jackson.

    Big card - I can remember when these came out. I was captivated.

    Great signature.

    Bo looks like he's about to go all "Bo Knows" on somebody or something........classic.

    Bell Sera.........hilarious.

  2. Past Time Pennants is one of those later UD sets where they actually spent some money on different pictures of older players. Or at least used nicer pictures than usual.

    Let us have a moment of silence for all those slightly oversize Bowman cards who were crippled and killed in regular size top loaders and sheets....

  3. I agree- Dodger Stadium is still a nice stadium. The stadium isn't being managed properly and can use a few more updates/upgrades but I don't think it needs to be replaced.

    But there's no card like Bo looking like he's going to kill someone with that bat. Standing next to the cage, he looks like he's in a prison next to a barb-wire fence.

  4. I'm torn between Dodger Stadium card and the Tommy John. I'll have to think on it a bit.

  5. I just found the Upper deck Pastime, etc set not long ago and I really really like it. Been picking some up when I find 'em. So I felt obligated to vote for the TJ card.

    Having said that... the Bo card is very cool.