Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The results, please

OK, it's time to name us some more sets.

As expected, the 1984 Fleer set wasn't an easy one. Although a number of folks made valiant attempts at coming up with a Define the Design name, there didn't seem to be any one name that really sums up the set. In fact, 1984 Fleer may actually be undefinable.

But I refuse to accept that. So in honor of collectors everywhere -- at least ones who send cards through the mail -- I am taking one commenter's advice and naming it "The Blue Painter's Tape Set."

Do not mail a card package without it.

Another difficult one, 1985 Fleer.

I thought about going the cup route. I kind of like calling it "The Sippy Cup Set." I'm a parent. I remember the sippy cup years very well. But when I look at the card, the cup image isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

What comes to mind is that the colored border looks like a pocket. A breast pocket on a suit. And so, I'm going to take dayf's suggestion and call it "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Set."

The man may be wearing gray flannel, but he's got an awfully snazzy pocket.

No difficulty with this set. There were lots of suggestions for 1991 Fleer and all of them are good. I like "The School Bus Set," and "The Yellow Highlighter Set." But to me, the image that sums up this set perfectly is:

"The Yellow Police Tape Set."

Yes, all the usual warnings that apply to your average crime scene also apply to 1991 Fleer. Stay away. Go home. Nothing to see here. You'll thank me later.

I didn't know that some people had such negative feelings for 1992 Fleer until I requested a name for it. But even though I don't mind the set TOO much, I couldn't go with "The Mylanta Set." Maybe I just missed out on a sponsorship deal, but I am a collector of integrity.

So, I thought about going with "The Spearmint Set." But I didn't. It works, but it's a little boring and just not descriptive enough. Instead, I called an audible and am going with ...

"The Pistachio Ice Cream Set." I think it works on both levels. First, it matches the set fairly well. But also, I happen to love pistachio ice cream (or any ice cream, really), while others really hate it. So, this way I'm not leaving out the people who hate the look of '92 Fleer!

See? Everyone's happy.

I've already updated the Define the Design tab with the new names. As always, they're not etched in stone. If you've got a name that you think really, really works, drop me a line and I'll consider it. Many times, there's a perfect name out there and no one's figured it out yet.

As always, thanks for playing. The next time, I'll try to throw in some cards for the winners.

Speaking of that, expect a contest post in a matter of days.

I mean it this time.


  1. 1984 Fleer - Logo's and Stripes set (something about the set reminds me of a Flag)

    1991 Fleer - Tweetie Bird Set
    The Yellow Canary

    1992 Fleer - Metallic Teal

  2. You have ruined pistachio ice cream forever. I once liked pistachio ice cream.

    Gregory Peck makes me happy though and I can still enjoy pistachio pudding.

  3. Pistachio ice cream...Brilliance!
    Great one.

  4. I'm glad there's someone else out there who enjoys pistachio ice cream!

  5. I love them. I feel like I always draw a blank when you leave it opened ended, but love the final results.

    Well played, sir.

  6. 1985 Fleer is the Civil War set: the Blue and the Gray