Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time marches on

As much as I'd like to stand here and expound on the hotness of Hope Solo, I don't have the time today.

Instead, I'm going to show a couple of Allen & Ginter-heavy card packages sent to me by Spiegel and Spankee, the most messed-up law firm ever created.

Kidding. Spiegel is Spiegel. And Spankee is Spankee.

For the record, Spankee sent me the Hope card. Spiegel sent me the Johnny Mac card.

But I thought I'd stick with the ballplayers, and show you how much things change in a short period of time in baseball. Out of the cards that I received from both Spiegel and Spankee, here are the ones who are no longer with the teams portrayed on their A&G cards.

I even spruced up the cards, early 1970s style (except I didn't change the logos -- no time, remember?)

First Spiegel:

And now Spankee ...

I guess that's what happens when you release a set close to the trade deadline.

Of course, those aren't the only cards I received. Both sent a nice collection of Dodgers and a few other requests. My top five from each:

First Spiegel:

Kellogg's cards from the '70s are always appreciated and terrific fun. I have few Dodgers from the super patriotic Spirit of '76 Kellogg's set (actually there's only 2 in the set).

The Konerko card is my 61st Dodger Konerko card. Sixty-one cards for a guy who played 55 games for the Dodgers.

Now Spankee:

The Orioles Upper Deck card may have surprised you. I wanted it because that's the view that you get as you travel the walkway from the warehouse to the stadium. Since I've done that walk, I need it validated in card form. So I can wave it around in front of people.

Spankee also helped me with my mission to improve my pursuit of Dodger A&G minis over last year. Last year was pathetic (but improving). This year is much better, although I don't know how many card sets John Lindsey will grace in the future.

Also, I need one more card of Cy. This is for the A&G set. Need one for my team set, since the box I purchased was Dodger deficient.

All right, I'm done. And very busy. Go find your own Hope Solo photos.



OK, fine ...

Now, I'm done.


  1. Nice airbrushing on the Ginter cards. Also, I love seeing a trade post with my name on it but, can we see more Hope Solo photos.