Friday, August 26, 2011

Cardboard appreciation, the review 2 (part 8)

The two-sport star is supreme on Cardboard Appreciation the Review 2. We do love our super-heroes, and you can't get much closer to a superhero here in reality than someone who can play at the highest level in the two most popular sports in the U.S.

So, Bo Jackson follows Deion Sanders as two most recent winners in the first round of CATR2. Jackson edged a player with another popular feature, a nickname. Tim "Rock" Raines fell just two votes short.

Here are the results:

1. 1989 Bowman Bo Jackson: 15 votes
2. 1989 Topps Rock Raines: 13 votes
3. 1984 Donruss Rudy Law: 5 votes
4. 2005 UD Pastime & Pennants Tommy John: 5 votes
5. 2011 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks Dodger Stadium: 4 votes
6. 1995 Fleer Update Carlos Perez: 3 votes
7. 2010 Upper Deck Josh Fields: 3 votes
8. 2010 Upper Deck Eric Stults: 0 votes

Jackson is the seventh card to advance to the semifinals. Yup, I've decided the second round will be the semifinals. No screwing around this time. We're going to find a winner but quick.

But first, we need to add an eighth and final entrant to the semifinals. Here is the assortment up for your vote. It may be the weakest group yet:

1. 1987 Topps Astros Leaders: I chose this card out of a Cardboard Appreciation post that actually featured an assortment of cards. This one stuck out because Yogi in an Astros uniform sticks out.

2. 2009 Topps Gerald Laird: The SECOND 2009 Topps Gerald Laird. Topps featured two Lairds in its base set that year. No, one of them didn't have a rookie cup or was a highlight card, or featured a checklist on the back. There was just two Gerald Lairds. Just because. I have a fixation with this, as I just wrote about the strangest, most recent example.

3. 1979 Topps Dennis Leonard: Now that I look closely, Leonard looks like my seventh grade science teacher. The obnoxious kids in the class tried to make him cry. And now I think I've tarnished the memory of the first pitcher I ever saw win a game in person.

4. 1970 Topps Harmon Killebrew: OK, maybe the group isn't so weak. It took Killebrew's death for me to be convinced that this autograph actually is legitimate.

5. 1977 Topps Johnny Grubb: Pulling '70s cards out of repack rack packs is fun. That's all I was trying to say with this card.

6. 1993 Stadium Club David Nied insert: You've got to love the '90s. Expansion drafts. Stadium Club. Inserts. Number 1 picks that went nowhere.

7. 2009 O-Pee-Chee B.J. Upton: When I wrote this post, I was three cards away from completing the '09 OPC set. Now I am four cards away. You'd have to be a set collector to understand.

8. 1985 Topps Dan Quisenberry: Quisenberry had a really good year in '85. But that's not what I remember first when I think of 1985. Instead, I think of a chick in elf boots.

These are the final new cards that you'll be selecting on CATR2. After this, it's all repeats. Well ... actually, this whole thing is all repeats. It's the summer season after all.

In a few weeks the new shows will be out, and brand new Cardboard Appreciations, too.

Just like I planned it.

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  1. Poor Yogi looks like he's thinks he's part of the conversation, while it's obviously going on behind him in the opposite direction.

  2. Met Yogi a few times at charity events in Montclair. Wonderful guy... gave him a couple cards I had of Dale.

    No contest, though. Harmon in a landslide.

  3. Yogi was a nice, curious surprise......

    Harmon, though. GREAT card.