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C.A., the review 5 (part 6)

(5,000-post giveaway update: I am down to the final two packages to send out. I hope to get those sent next week. Plus, I still have to send Derek's '08 Heritage black backs to the great white north. Thanks for hanging on and letting me know the cards have arrived!)

It's been a rough week. But the Cardboard Appreciation vote-off is here to provide just a little bit of joy.

First, a minor league card is advancing to the second round of the Cardboard Appreciation Hall of Fame tournament. It's not just any old minor league card either. It's a minor league card from the first year I covered pro ball featuring the first major league veteran I ever interviewed.

Second, folks responded to my request for a few more votes than last week's vote total. And that's what I got, a few more.

Let's see the final tally after 44 votes:

1. 1989 Bill Pucko Cards U.L. Washington - 13 votes
2. 1981 Fleer Tim Flannery - 10 votes
3. 2019 Topps Stadium Club Christy Mathewson - 7 votes
4. 1974 Topps Bill Grief "Washington Nat'l Lea. variation - 7 votes
5. 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter World's Greatest Victories, Man Walks On The Moon - 4 votes
6. 1992 Fleer Chris Cron - 2 votes
7. 2008 Topps Stadium Club Justin Upton - 1 vote
8. 2017 Panini Chronicles Yu Darvish - 0 votes
The second round is starting to look more and more eclectic. I like it.
OK, now it's time to vote in the sixth selection of cards for the first round. This group starts slowly but then picks up steam, at least I think so anyway. Here are the candidates:

1. 1990 Little Sun Writers Roger Kahn

Here we kick off the eulogy portion of the Cardboard Appreciation posts. This is the first of three. It's not a great card either, but it's a great little set made after my heart, and my post was how I owe Roger Kahn's The Boys Of Summer for my journalism career. I just re-read that post and I think it's one of my best explanations of the trip I traveled to become a sportswriter.

2. 1975 Topps Jim Wynn

Eulogy No. 2, written shortly after hearing of Wynn's passing. This cards was immense when I was a kid, one of those cards that I first saw at the Baseball Hall of Fame in a display of all the '75 cards. I picked this one right out as a Got-To-Have card. One of the first I longed for. Wynn has far too few Dodger cards and that was the post theme.

3. 1980 Topps Ed Farmer

Eulogy No. 3. Ed Farmer had passed away and I gave my memories of the famous brawl in which he was a central figure.

4. 1975 Topps mini Ron Santo

OK, we're off the eulogies (Santo had already passed at the time of this post 😬). This wonderfully cut card was my first connection to Santo and the post was all about that you can't help it when your first associations put a player on a team that wasn't his primary one. Santo's trip from the Cubs to White Sox was fraught with angst, intrigue, gossip and disgust. But at the moment I saw this card, Santo with the White Sox was all I knew.

5. 1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr.

Around this time I was trying to finish the '82 Fleer set and it was about time to get one of those other Ripken Rookies. I had owned the two Topps ones since the early 1980s. But I still need to get the '82 Donruss one.

6. 1990 Swell Joan Jett custom

The first custom card to show up for vote, but I don't think it's the first custom that's been a Cardboard Appreciation subject. If I'm really impressed with the custom -- and I was very impressed with Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown's work here -- then it will definitely receive a C.A. place of honor.

7. 1951 Topps Blue Back Bruce Edwards

This was the first '51 Blue Back in my collection. Shortly afterward I grabbed the other two blue back Dodgers in the set and now have completed the team set for '51. It wasn't all that difficult because people unfairly dismiss '51 Topps.

8. 1975 Hostess Rusty Staub

I posted this card on the occasion of my latest Beckett Magazine article that had been published. In fact, I went out and bought this card for use in the article. It's unique in that Staub is wearing both a Mets helmet and an Expos uniform. (P.S.: A new Beckett article from me should be arriving in the next few weeks).

That's this week's candidates. As usual, I've built a poll over on that polling site. You may vote there by copy-and-pasting this link:

Or you may vote in the comments. If you vote in the comments, let me know that you did not vote in the poll. Thanks.

And thanks for providing what's sure to be the highlight of my day.


Angus said…
I was all set to vote for the awesome Joan Jett custom, but then I saw the Rusty Staub card with its Mets/Expos goodness.

The Hostess Staub card gets my vote.

I didn't vote in the poll.
kcjays said…
I couldn’t get the link to work so voting here.
Rusty Staub
Brett Alan said…
Part of me wants to vote for the Ripken, because I'm the one who sent it to Night Owl, but I can't in good conscience put it over the great Wynn and Staub cards. When I figure which one of those wins, I'll vote in the EasyPoll.
Old Cards said…
It's Jim Wynn for the win! I was the first to vote. Never happened before. A custom card? What is this blog coming to! :) Actually, I like custom cards.
John Bateman said…
Jimmy Wynn and that big Star which began the greatest 3 year run of all-star logos in Baseball Card History
bryan was here said…
That Rusty Staub looks like both the Expos uniform and Mets helmet have been airbrushed.
carlsonjok said…
I'm glad to see U.L. won that round. After the previous pot, I went and looked him up. Turns out he was born, raised, and still lives in Atoka, OK. When I used to travel to Shreveport on business, I used to drive through Atoka. There is not much to it.
Bo said…
It's funny how similar the first two cards are. Similar sideburns, similar beards, headshot at almost the exact same angle.
Fuji said…
Voted on the website. It was a tough choice between the Ripken and the Jett.

The 82F Ripken features my favorite photo of Ripken's pack pulled rookie cards. Plus it's a card from the early stages of my collecting life... so there's the sentimental factor.

The Gavin custom of Jett is awesome. I really like the colorful Swell design and he chose a great photo of her wearing The Runaways shirt.

If I voted ten times between these two it'd be split... but the 11th time would be Ripken, so he won my vote.
Matt said…
It was a tough choice between the Wynn and the Staub. I went with the 1975 card...
Anonymous said…
Not much to choose from...Guess I'll go with Ripken.
Nick said…
Tough group this week, but I had to vote (in the poll) for that Hostess Staub because it's just so wonderfully bizarre.
Derek said…
I'm in no rush for the cards, maybe the timing will work out such that they'll arrive just in time for a nice birthday present!

... Submitted my vote though the poll as usual!
Nick Vossbrink said…
I wish the Giants 1951s were easy but nope there's a RC in there…
defgav said…
Honored to have a custom of mine pop up for consideration! I didn't vote for it, but nice to see it didn't get shut out.

BTW, I received my big repack prize, Night Owl.. Big thanks!!