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Scribble milestone

I have been pursuing a collecting milestone in the most lazy way possible, and in perfect lazy fashion, I let someone else get me to that milestone.

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I had come within one card of having signed cards for 200 different Dodgers players. Bob of the best bubble helped me to the doorstep of that achievement by getting me to 199.

Well, Bob's at it again. In a recent envelope, he sent three cards signed by Dodgers. One of them was the Charlie Hough '79 Topps card. I have a couple of Hough-signed cards already, but getting one signed on a '70s cards makes me think of how glorious it would be to have every '70s Dodgers card signed, not that this will happen ever.

But the other two signed cards were from players that I did not have in signed form in my collection until I opened the envelope. That means ...
🎉🎈🎇200!!! 💙💙💙
That is some kind of feat for someone who never actively seeks an autograph. Not only do I not stand in line at autograph sessions or go to the ballpark to gather them or send cards to player addresses for them, but I hardly ever look for them online or list certified autos in my want lists.
As part of my policy of seeing autographed cards as extras -- a happy little bonus -- I'll take whatever comes my way and then move on to the serious stuff, whatever set I'm trying to complete.

But let's take a look at the player and the card that got me to 200!

Congratulations Eddie Stanky, you are the 200th Dodger player in my autograph collection!

That is a pretty impressive signature for someone who played in the 1940s and died more than 20 years ago! It definitely is Stanky's signature from what I've seen and my guess is it was scripted quite awhile ago, sometime in the '80s or early '90s.

The card I know well and have a few dupes of it, it's a 1983 TCMA reprint of the 1944 Play Ball set. I think it's rather nice that the milestone card is a TCMA issue! Take that, you certified auto snobbies!

Here is the other autographed card featuring a player I didn't have in signed form:

A 1958 card, sweet. Walker's status as a backup catcher is well-known in Dodgers lore. And he signed it with his nickname, "Rube Walker," which was how he was known pretty much. The only time I've seen "Al" is on his baseball cards.

So that's No. 201. Road to 300? Yeah, I imagine that particular number is way far off in the future, if it ever happens.

The rest of the cards Bob sent were not autographed, which is just fine by me.

The "Ferris" card is a good one, from Big League a couple of years ago and really should have been in my clutches already. The shiny 1983 Donruss tribute gets me even closer to my next milestone, 900 Clayton Kershaw cards! The Podres card is well-timed as I just added that card to my want list as I was updating 1999 and pretty disgusted with how many Fleer Sports Illustrated Dodgers I need (so many Steve Garvey collectors). And the Scherzer is another card of the short-timer and my first Panini Dodger Scherzer!

A nice, fun envelope from Bob.

He's also sending me Royals, which he doesn't need to do. I should start a page of Royals cards that were sent to me because they were mistaken for Dodgers.

Oh, and here's the updated list of my 200-PLUS Dodgers autographs:

Don Aase
Reggie Abercrombie
Victor Alvarez
Jacob Amaya
Chris Anderson
Dave Anderson
Andy Ashby
Billy Ashley
Kym Ashworth
Pedro Astacio
Pedro Baez
Bob Bailor
Dusty Baker
Daniel Batz
Joe Beckwith
Adrian Beltre
Josh Bell
Chad Billingsley
Mike Blowers
Bobby Bragan
Yhency Brazoban
Rocky Bridges
Greg Brock
Ralph Bryant
Bill Buckner
Walker Buehler
Brett Butler
John Candelaria
Tom Candiotti
Roger Cedeno
Ron Cey
Steve Colyer
Alex Cora
Tony Cuccinello
Glenn Davis
Rubby De La Rosa
Rick Dempsey
Blake DeWitt
Victor Diaz
Ben Diggins
Al Downing
Darren Dreifort
Don Drysdale
Cory Dunlap
Scott Elbert
John Ely
Carl Erskine
Andre Ethier
Joey Eischen
Kyle Farmer
Chad Fonville
Carlos Frias
Eric Gagne
Greg Gagne
Karim Garcia
Onelki Garcia
Yimi Garcia
Steve Garvey
Dave Goltz
Jose Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez
Dee Gordon
Kevin Gross
Alex Guerrero
Pedro Guerrero
Wilton Guerrero
Garrett Gould
Mark Guthrie
Jeff Hamilton
Tim Hamulak
Dave Hansen
Chris Hatcher
Mickey Hatcher
Danny Heep
Carlos Hernandez
Kirby Higbe
Koyie Hill
Todd Hollandsworth
Kody Hoese
Burt Hooton
Charlie Hough
Ken Howell
Chin-Lung Hu
Mike Huff
Kaz Ishii
Kenley Jansen
Stan Javier
Blake Johnson
Tommy John
Von Joshua
Eric Karros
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Jay Kirkpatrick
Mike Kinkade
Landon Knack
Paul Konerko
Hong-Chih Kuo
Ken Landreaux
Andy LaRoche
Zach Lee
Josh Lindblom
Jon Link
Paul Lo Duca
James Loney
Dave Lopes
Gavin Lux
Matt Magill
Devin Mann
Mike Marshall
Russell Martin
Dustin May
Pratt Maynard
James McDonald
Ken McMullen
Andy Messersmith
Aaron Miller
Rick Monday
Raul Mondesi
Wally Moon
Danny Mota
Manny Mota
Max Muncy
Mike Munoz
Jim Neidlinger
Tom Niedenfuer
Ricky Nolasco
Hideo Nomo
Jose Offerman
Justin Orenduff
Claude Osteen
Antonio Osuna
Willis Otanez
Andy Pages
Chan Ho Park
Dave Patterson
Joc Pederson
Alejandro Pena
Angel Pena
Antonio Perez
Joe Pignatano
Johnny Podres
Luke Prokopec
Eddie Pye
John Raglani
Gary Rath
Jeremy Rathjen
Doug Rau
Jerry Reuss
Dennis Reyes
Rick Rhoden
Adam Riggs
Eric Riggs
Dave Roberts
Orlando Rodriguez
Paco Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Preacher Roe
Bill Russell
Kyle Russell
Juan Samuel
Dennis Santana
Steve Sax
Scott Schebler
Corey Seager
Rob Segedin
Jeff Shaw
John Shelby
Reggie Smith
Duke Snider
Cory Snyder
Don Stanhouse
Eddie Stanky
Ross Stripling
Franklin Stubbs
Eric Stults
Don Sutton
Derrel Thomas
Gary Thomasson
Brandon Trinkwon
Ramon Troncoso
John Tudor
Ismael Valdes
Fernando Valenzuela
Jesmuel Valentin
Alex Verdugo
Cory Wade
Al "Rube" Walker
Tim Wallach
Allen Webster
Gary Weiss
Bob Welch
Mitchell White
Reggie Williams
Todd Williams
Maury Wills
Tom Windle
Chris Withrow
Steve Yeager
Delwyn Young
Matt Young 

That's 201. Feel free to count them yourself.
And just to counter all the back-patting, I am reminded that I had hoped to find a big, big name for the milestone autograph and in another post I had listed some notable Dodgers that I do not have in autograph form -- key names like Orel Hershiser, Mike Piazza and Shawn Green. I guess that would happen if I did things myself.
But I'd have to be a lot more focused on autographs to put all that together. I sure would like an Orel Hershiser autographed card but maybe that'll be for No. 300.
I have Hostess sets to chase.


Congrats on getting to this milestone! That's fantastic.
Call me a lame-o. I just went through the box of autos that are waiting to go back home (one day). Found 4 that are not on your list. I'll send them your way so I can harass you about getting to 300.
Also how's that Dodger relic list coming along? Where's it at? :)
bbcardz said…
I'm not a big autograph hound either but I do appreciate and cherish any autos that come my way. I do have a few Dodger autographs but maybe only like twelve or so. I'll have to count them up one day.

Congrats on surpassing 200 Dodger autographs. That is one impressive list!
Nick said…
Bob must have quite the auto collection, because he recently sent me a package with a Burleigh Grimes autograph in it(!). But while autographs are cool, I think that "Ferris" card is my favorite of this post.
Brett Alan said…
Pretty impressive...I count about 125 baseball players that I have autographed cards from--that's all teams, even a few non-MLB players, and including everything from certified autos to possibly sketchy things I bought at shows.
gregory said…
Congratulations on the milestone! Is there a certain way you keep/store/display all of these autographs?
Fuji said…
I'm so jealous that you have a Nomo autograph. Wish Topps would get him to sign some cards for Archives or something so I can wrap up my trifecta.
Bo said…
Looks like Podres is pitching in the World Series at Yankee Stadium. Nice photo.
night owl said…
@gregory ~

I have a binder dedicated to them. I put the non-Dodger autographs in the back.
Jafronius said…
Congrats on the collecting milestone!
kcjays said…
Reading your post almost makes me want to start a similar list of my Royals autographs.
That might be dangerous because I’d tell someone and then it would get back to my wife.
If someone ever mistakenly send you a George Brett…. I don’t have one of him.
Once again, congrats and I think you should strive for 300.