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πŸ”” πŸ”” πŸ”” Giveaway post πŸ”” πŸ”” πŸ””

OK, here it is, the Giveaway post. Sorry it took so long, but time has not been my own for the last month or more.

So, as I explained before, those who are eligible for the 10th anniversary card draft giveaway may now enter by commenting on this post. Whatever you comment is your entry.

I had 26 different card prizes available when I first announced the giveaway. These are them:

Also, I said I'd add a few more items, just to get a few more people into the contest.

I was able to dig up five more items. Here they are:

A 1954 Bowman Don Newcombe.

A shiny gold Willie Mays card from 2012, don't ask me what it's from.

A 1933 Goudey card of John "Heinie" Sand. I won this in a blog contest several years ago. It was once the oldest card I owned. Since then, I've accumulated others that are older or equal to it. And those are Dodger cards, so this one can fly free now.

Six 1971 Topps cards. I tried to keep all selection to a single card apiece, but I figured I'd lump these guys together. They've been handled but they're in pretty decent shape.

And, finally, the wild card in the group. Johnny's Trading Spot sent me a 24-pack box of 1993 Leaf, Series 1. Quite generous, but it's not anything that I care to collect, despite it featuring one of the best card backs of all-time.

Whoever picks this, however, beware of cards welded together.

OK, so that amounts to 31 prizes, meaning 31 people can enter the contest before I close the door on it.

As a refresher, here are the folks who are eligible: 

Adam E
Adam Kaningher
Adam Sanders
Alan Deakins
Alex Markle
Al Kawamoto
Base Set Calling
Ben Henry
Bill White
Billy Kingsley
Brett Alan
Brian (HSCA blog)
Cardboard Jones
Chris (commented on "My Day My Way" post)
Chris (The Collector blog)
Chris Johnson
Colbey Hopper
Collecting Cutch
Community Gum
Daniel Wilson
David (commented on "Hot" post)
Derek McKim
Don (Tigers logo)
Fred Pike
Grant Schwagel
Greg Zakwin
Henry Blanchette

Jamie Meyers
Jason T. Carter
Jay Abbott
Jeff (Dallas star logo)
Jeff Laws
Jim from Downington
Jim Jones
John Bateman
John Miller
Josh D.
Julie Owens
Mark Hoyle
Matt (Diamond Jesters blog)
Matt Prigge
Matt Stupienski

Michael Ott
Mike Matson
mr haverkamp
Nachos Grande
Nick (Dime Boxes blog)
Nick Pain
Nick Vossbrink
P-town Tom
Paul Hadsall
Rob (1982/88 Topps blogs)
Rod (padrographs)
Section 36
shoebox legends
Snorting Bull
Sport Card Collectors
Steve Mentzer
The Shlabotnik Report
The Turrdog
Tim B.
Tony Lehman 

TS Henson
Warren Zvon
West Roxbury Animal Hospital
Zippy Zappy

The first 31 of the people above who comment on this post will be entered into the giveaway. I'll link this post on the sidebar in the event it doesn't fill right away, although people tell me it won't take any time at all to fill up.

Once 31 folks have entered, then I'll randomize the comments and conduct the draft on this blog. However, I'm not sure when that will happen. Once again, time constraints.

So are you ready? Go.


CrazieJoe said…
Cool idea for a contest (and nice variety of cards to have up for grabs).
Adam Kaningher said…
Ready as I'll ever be.
Jeremya1um said…
Thanks for having this contest. Go Dodgers!
gcrl said…
This is my comment. Thanks!
Well, here I am. Thanks as always for the generosity!
Jordan said…
[insert mildly amusing comment here]
Raiderjoe_FO said…
I am still working on finding all my 1978 Topps football cards for trading with you or something. An e-mail will be sent sometime this month.

Also, I like frogs.
Michael Ott said…
How do you find the time to blog and run contests while los doyers are still alive and playing? Thanks though!
Raiderjoe_FO said…
Or 1977. Whatever year it was. I already started putting a lot together.
Nick said…
This is my comment, right here.
bbcardz said…
Count me in, thanks for your generosity and the contest! Go Dodgers!
Fred Pike said…
Count me in as well. Thanks for the contest.
Nick Vossbrink said…
Oh no THIS is the giveaway post. you confused me on Twitter.
Bo said…
I'm in, thanks! I'm sure you're enjoying the ALDS game 1 too . . .
Brett Alan said…
Huzzah! Definitely have some draft priorities in mind....
Nick Vossbrink said…
Also I think that shiny gold Mays was one of those factory set inserts.
GOGOSOX60 said…
Your blog is just like my inner card collectors conscience...…..
John Bateman said…
The Lou Gehrig card looks great
shoeboxlegends said…
Count me in, thanks!!!
kcjays said…
Thanks for the opportunity
David said…
Love your blog!
I know I'll have to take some time to prioritize which cards I'd like to select, but I'm definitely down to take part in this contest. By the way, I really like how you organized it. Nice job.
Matt said…
Just in under the wire!
Josh D. said…
Yes please! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Julie here, from phone. I would love a chance! Thanks N.O.!
EP said…
Looks like I barely squeak in! Should be fun!
night owl said…
By my count, there are three spots left. Not everyone who has commented is eligible, and there were a couple of double comments.
Jason T. Carter said…
I'm in if I'm not too late.
"I was told there would be cake."
Corky said…
I hope I made it. I didn’t count
mr haverkamp said…
Congrats to your Dodgers.....CK looked great tonight.
night owl said…
It looks like we have 31 participants as of and including Corky's comment. ... Mr haverkamp will have a chance to pick if one of the participants doesn't select in a timely manner (I haven't decided what that will be, probably within a day or so) or if there are prizes left over. ... Thanks for entering!
I’m not entering the contest but just commenting to write congratulations on the marathon run.
Matt said…
I see there are 38 comments but will just comment to say I did :)
Bru said…
If there’s still a spot I’m in but if not that’s cool. Looks fun!
Fuji said…
Dang it. I knew I should have stayed up a little longer last night. You snooze... you lose has never been more real to me. Lots of goodies to be had.
Tim B. said…
Sorry I missed this, but I don't need a giveaway to keep reading your blog. Good luck to all that made it in!
Rob said…
Dang - too slow - I've been waiting too, lol...
Nachos Grande said…
I'm too slow too - but very generous of you and it'll be fun to watch if nothing else.
Jafronius said…
Haha, I read the Postseason post like an hour before the Giveaway post. Congrats to all the winners!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grant said…
Much too late to the party, but thank you for setting this up. Keep posting and I'll keep reading!
acrackedbat said…
following up from the official account :) thank you!
steelehere said…
I would have liked to enter but I was a Chavez Ravine last night (if you want one of those Dodger Blue Towels they handed out to all the fans last night, let me know and I'll send one your way).
Old Cards said…
Funny when free stuff is offered, people come out of the woodwork.
Mark Hoyle said…
Way too late here
Mike Matson said…
I was dead to the world for most of last night and today.. lol
Jim Jones said…
Crap. Two jobs makes me late for this party!
Alan Deakins said…
-I was late too....but will find away to enjoy the contest anyway.....maybe buy a box of 1993 Leaf and some 1971 Topps at the flea market....LOL
AdamE said…
Only about 2 days late. Ha.
CaptKirk42 said…
Congrats to those who made it on Saturday morning.
Defenders50 said…
I just knew I was forgetting something this weekend. Ah well, the Bills won. Everything is okay in the world.
Jongudmund said…
Ah damn. Gutted I missed this
Jeff said…
Dang.. missed out. :(