Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Giveaway prep

I'm supposed to be holding a giveaway, but life doesn't want me to hold a giveaway.

I'm supposed to be holding a countdown of the greatest 100 cards of the 1980s, but life doesn't want me to do that either.

What does it want me to do? Significant adult tasks that you don't need to be reminded of here. But they are all familiar, and they all take up a lot of time, and I am quite exhausted, and there is no end in sight at the moment.

So I've got to make some decisions here.

I'm still going to blog during this period, but the greatest 100 cards countdown will have to wait. I still haven't gotten down to 100 cards yet and that's got to happen before I even start ranking and scanning. So I don't know when that will kick off. All I can tell you now, hopefully, is it will begin sometime in autumn. That's as narrow a time frame I can make.

I'm still holding the giveaway to celebrate 10 years of this blog, but it's probably not going to start this week as originally planned.

So this is a little post so people can get prepared for the giveaway, whenever I kick it off.

I've decided that this giveaway will be of the card draft variety, meaning each participant gets to pick a card according to their rank in the draft. This is a little more difficult for me than the one-shot, one-person-gets-the-whole-booty contests that I usually run, but I think more people deserve to win a card for this anniversary.

As I mentioned last week, the giveaway is for regular readers of this blog only, based on who has commented in the three months between June 12 and Sept. 12. I just went through and noted all the commenters. Here is the list of those who are eligible:

Adam E
Adam Kaningher
Adam Sanders
Alan Deakins
Alex Markle
Al Kawamoto
Base Set Calling
Ben Henry
Bill White
Billy Kingsley
Brett Alan
Brian (HSCA blog)
Cardboard Jones
Chris (commented on "My Day My Way" post)
Chris (The Collector blog)
Chris Johnson
Colbey Hopper
Collecting Cutch
Community Gum
Daniel Wilson
David (commented on "Hot" post)
Derek McKim
Don (Tigers logo)
Fred Pike
Grant Schwagel
Greg Zakwin
Henry Blanchette
Jamie Meyers
Jason T. Carter
Jay Abbott
Jeff (Dallas star logo)
Jeff Laws
Jim from Downington
Jim Jones
John Bateman
John Miller
Josh D.
Julie Owens
Mark Hoyle
Matt (Diamond Jesters blog)
Matt Prigge
Matt Stupienski
Michael Ott
Mike Matson
mr haverkamp
Nachos Grande
Nick (Dime Boxes blog)
Nick Pain
Nick Vossbrink
P-town Tom
Paul Hadsall
Rob (1982/88 Topps blogs)
Rod (padrographs)
Section 36
shoebox legends
Snorting Bull
Sport Card Collectors
Steve Mentzer
The Shlabotnik Report
The Turrdog
Tim B.
Tony Lehman
TS Henson
Warren Zvon
West Roxbury Animal Hospital
Zippy Zappy

That's 112 folks.

I don't have cards for 112 folks. Or at least cards that all 112 folks will want.

So I'm probably going to cut off this giveaway at about 30 or so participants.

This is how I will determine who will participate in the contest: I will make a post called GIVEAWAY POST. That will be the cue for those who are eligible to begin entering the contest. They can enter the contest by commenting on the Giveaway Post. Once there are the maximum number of comments for the contest then I will determine the order of the card draft and begin the draft. So it's important to comment when you see the post because there are limited slots available.

Unless I receive 30 or so comments immediately, I'll probably reference the Giveaway Post in subsequent posts with a link to that post for a week or so to allow time for eligible people who may not read the blog every day to comment on the Giveaway Post.

Does that make sense? (in my current state I don't know if anything makes sense now).

It's entirely possible that not even 30 people will want what will be given away, but you can be the judge of that.

This is the majority of what's available:

Almost everything here is a short-print, a relic or a vintage card (no reprints). I think only the Babe Ruth up top (insert) and the Griffey Jr. (no way in the world 1989 Topps is vintage) are the exceptions. Much of this was donated by R.C., who wanted the cards to go to a good home. That's what I'm doing here.

This image amounts to 26 cards. So I will add a few things to this to get it to more than 30 items for selection. You'll see the additions on the Giveaway Post.

An added note: When I was compiling those who commented in the last three months, there were a couple comments that were listed as "anonymous" or "unknown." I know Blogger has done some things recently that converted named comments from nonblogger sources into "anonymous," etc. So if you want in for the contest and you are one of those people, send me an email. I won't let just any random person who emails me, saying "I am Unknown," into the contest, but if the email is from a familiar person who's commented in the past, I'll include you.

So that's all I've got for today. Hopefully, I'll be able to post a few more times this week, but if not, you'll know why.

Life really hates owls writing blogs.


  1. Don’t worry, the contest makes perfect sense. I’ll be on the lookout so I can participate. If I get a spot, I’ll probably go with the Carew or Blackmon relics or the Babe Ruth for my 1976 Topps set.

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgment!!��

  3. Hey, I made it onto a list! And it is not in a bad way! Cool!

  4. Sounds like it might be interesting..

    I know what you mean about things getting in the way.. I've been stuck at 1991 Donruss for a while now on my Expos project... Moreso when I found a random space in the middle of the spreadhseet...
    Otherwise, it's just been work and sleep.. I'm thinking about going to bed right now since 545 comes way too early..

  5. Contests are fun. Seeing my (blogger) name on a good list is fun. This is all fun.

  6. Whew, when you said Prep I thought you were going to tell us they talked you into a colonoscopy, lol.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. Now I know which post(s) to avoid commenting on in the future.

  8. Wow! I'm eligible? That's super cool!

  9. I've struggled to find the time to write during the month - 0 posts so far. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one struggling.

  10. Just a thought. I quit scanning a the majority of my card images for my blog awhile ago. I use my laptop in the dining room a lot of my scanner/printer is upstairs in my office. It's a long walk and there are a lot of steps to get to my office (that's sarcasm BTW). I instead just snap a nice pic w/ my phone and use the built in editor to make it look prettier. It's not as good as a scan, but it saves this lazy guy some time.

    1. Download an app called CamScanner. It takes a picture as a pdf and crops the image all at once. Even gives options like brighten, darken, highlight, etc.

  11. I've read every post of yours since the 70's top 100, but I wasn't sure if I commented enough recently. Thanks for including me!

  12. I'll be watching--thanks for the chance

  13. Thanks for including me in the contest. My fingers are crossed in hopes of being the winner of either of the 76 Topps cards or the 78 Ryan :-)

  14. That owl photo is awesome. That guy looks exactly how I've been feeling the last week and a half. Hope life eases up on both of us, so we can enjoy the last two weeks of the regular season.

  15. I don't think I've had 112 different people comment on Cardboard History since I started it in 2014!

  16. Congratulations on 10 years...I hope life slows down for you soon

  17. Dude, you're going to get 30 people in about that many seconds....

  18. It only sounds confusing when you read it during the day. During the Night Owl shift, the contest makes perfect sense. Here's to another 10 years!

  19. I have the feeling if I catch the post an hour after it's viewable, I'll be comment #112...

    1. Matt,
      Don't feel bad I'll probably be post #31 at about 10.5 minutes.

  20. I made the list. Suddenly I feel need. Loved! Hoping for another 20 years from another Night Owl from the same place in the US (western PA). My wife would like to have words with you for getting me back into collecting.

  21. I started reading your post and thought YES top of the list!!! Then was like AW CRAP, its just cause the alphabet!

  22. Lots of sweetness. Vintage cards, vintage guys short printed on modern cards, even a relic retro '75 mini. Whats not to love again?

  23. It's an honor just to be nominated...don't think there'll be any issues getting to 30 or problems with the prizes. Hope I get lucky!

  24. Hey I'm in the list. Can I enter the giveaway of it means posting to Wales? That's a pain right? I think I've had my prize by getting answers to my dumb questions on Twitter!

    1. I've mailed overseas a number of times so it's not an issue.

  25. Also that's a great picture of an owl. He looks half asleep

  26. Thank you for your generosity!

  27. I'll keep an eye out. Crazy week at work for me but I'll try to get my name in the (second) hat.

  28. Hoo boy, I can relate so much to Mike Matson ("...it's just been work and sleep."), jasongerman9 ("I've struggled to find the time to write during the month - 0 posts so far. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one struggling."), and Adam Kaninger ("...Crazy week at work for me but I'll try to get my name in the (second) hat."). Thanks for your generosity! btw, I'll have the last two installments of the Dodgers 60th Anniversary cards in your hands later this week.

  29. thanks for including me on this list N.O.! the spots will fill quickly with this cool selection of available cards! I love the whole bottom row!

  30. Wait what is this the giveaway post now?

  31. Wow, can't believe I haven't commented in 3 months. I am behind.