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If I was king of the postseason, 2018 edition

I almost didn't do this post this year.

This is the eighth year I've gone through all of the potential World Series matchups and selected who I wanted to win each matchup.

But the American League is boring the hell out of me.

The AL teams left in the postseason are the same four AL teams in last year's postseason. Even worse, we knew all season that these would be the four teams. Why did the American League even play a season?

Thank goodness there are three new teams in the NL postseason. Three new teams and my Dodgers, who can repeat postseason appearances for infinity as far as I'm concerned. But if it wasn't for the National League, I probably would have asked you to kindly read last year's King of the Postseason post and be done with it.

But since there are a handful of new playoff teams, I'll go through this big long exercise for ya. (It's interesting the vast difference in comments for this series every year. Sometimes they rank in double digits. Sometimes it's three. I'll never figure you guys out).

So, here you go, all of the potential matchups. It's kind of long and I know there are two games to watch today. But there are also about 7 hours worth of commercials, so you've got time.

1. Astros vs. Braves -- the "Brian McCann Series"

What's good about it: Two of these teams have featured Brian McCann on their roster. That's kind of fun. In fact, there's another team -- the Yankees -- that featured a hairless McCann on its roster. I guess everything Brian McCann touches makes the postseason.

What's bad about it: Quite frankly, I'm sick of Brian McCann.

Who I'd want to win: Braves. ... Yes, the Braves. You are going to find out in this post just how tired I am of the Astros.

2. Yankees vs. Dodgers -- the "Why Does God Hate Me Series"

What's good about it: If the Dodgers win, I get to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh at some really obnoxious people. Tastefully, of course. Because I'm not a Yankees fan.

What's bad about it: I've lived through 1977 and 1978 and various other Yankees World Series victories. It's never pleasant. It makes me wonder why I watched a single game during the season.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

3. Red Sox vs. Brewers -- the "1978 Saturday Game of the Week Series"

What's good about it: I will get to relive memories of Gorman Thomas and Cecil Cooper and George Scott and Dewey Evans all playing in the same viewing box on my television.

What's bad about it: An American League East matchup is not the World Series.

Who I'd want to win: Brewers. This decision was closer than just about any one I've made in the eight years I've done this. This may be an easy pick for any non-Red Sox fan. It's not for me. Both are beloved teams from my childhood. But the Brewers still have Ryan Braun, so too bad for them.

4. Indians vs. Braves -- the "Op-Ed Series"

What's good about it: We get to learn what happened in the 1948 World Series!! I don't know about you but I never read anything about that '48 Series. (OK, also the 1995 World Series, but who wants to go back to Albert Belle?)

What's bad about it: Get ready. Some columnist is going to try to speak for us all on why both teams' nicknames and histories are offensive and -- WE NEED TO CHANGE THEM NOW -- and that's all well and good, but this is a conversation I've been hearing for at least 20 years and I'm trying to watch a World Series here!!!!!!!

Who I'd want to win: Indians

5. Astros vs. Rockies -- the "This Is What Happens When You Let Wild Card Teams In Series"

What's good about it: Orange and Purple kind of go together. I think that's what the color wheel taught me anyway.

What's bad about it: I like to think I'd happily watch a Padres-Marlins game in the middle of August, but I'm not sure this could keep my interest.

Who I'd want to win: Astros

6. Yankees vs. Brewers -- the "1981 American League Division Series" Series

What's good about it: Revenge for 1981, Brewers!!! REVENGE!!!!!!!!

What's bad about it: This is one of those matchups where I see the Yankees winning easily. I wish I had more faith in the Brewers, they have the home field advantage in the NL playoffs after all, but I don't see it here.

Who I'd want to win: Brewers

7. Red Sox vs. Braves -- the "Interleague Series"

What's good about it: Gosh, I don't know. At least both teams have been around for awhile.

What's bad about it: It seems like they play each other as often as the Mets and Marlins do every year. This matchup bores me.

Who I'd want to win: Red Sox

8. Indians vs. Rockies -- the "Fox Has Just Given Up Rights To The World Series" Series

What's good about it: Fox and ESPN would be forced to talk about players like Brandon Guyer and German Marquez and researchers would be scrambling everywhere in a panic, exclaiming, "WHAT? THIS ISN'T THE YANKEES!!!! WHAT DO WE SAY???"

What's bad about it: In every one of these matchups involving the Rockies, the bad part is the Rockies winning. Even if they beat a team I like less than the Rockies, it's never good when the Rockies win the World Series. Never. I'd rather the Broncos win the World Series. It would make more sense.

Who I'd want to win: Indians

9. Red Sox vs. Dodgers -- the "Night Owl Gets Into a Texting War With His Brother" Series

What's good about it: I'm repeating myself here, but once again, these are my two favorite teams of my childhood. Time for them to finally meet again 102 years after they first met in the World Series.

What's bad about it: I'd have to engage in trash talk with my brother. I don't have time for trash talk. That's for 20-year-olds.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

10. Yankees vs. Rockies -- the "Tall Buildings Tall Mountains" Series

What's good about it: It's not the same as when the Yankees played in their old stadium, but it's always fun seeing expansion-type teams that wear colors like purple play in Yankee Stadium. It's like when Leo Durocher appeared on a 1972 Topps card. Everything is wonderfully out of place.

What's bad about it: These are the two most unpleasant teams that are left. I'd have to choose the lesser evil.

Who I'd want to win: Rockies

11. Astros vs. Brewers -- the "Bizarro Series"

What's good about it: I know a lot of people are rooting for this matchup. For me, it will be a commentary on the ridiculousness of modern sports tinkering. The Astros, a proud NL team for many years, is now in the AL and they're playing a tried-and-true AL team in the Brewers, who are now masquerading as an NL team.

What's bad about it: Someone will call me an old man because I just wrote that. But I don't care. That someone missed a whole bunch of good shit.

Who I'd want to win: Brewers

12. Indians vs. Dodgers -- the "Revenge for That Unassisted Triple Play" Series

What's good about it: This has been a potential World Series matchup for three straight years and I'm still waiting for it. I want 1920 references!

What's bad about it: Someone might bring up the Carlos Santana trade.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

13. Red Sox vs. Rockies -- the "2007 World Series Repeat" Series

What's good about it: I don't remember anything that happened the last time these two teams played in the Series. This would be a chance to retain something.

What's bad about  it: Nah, nothing here is worth remembering.

Who I'd want to win: Red Sox

14. Yankees vs. Braves -- the "Late '90s Rears Its Ugly Head Series"

What's good about it: I don't get to root for the Braves very often. I had a real difficult time doing it back in the '90s. It'd be a bit easier this time.

What's bad about it: Just gross. This is all gross. I did not like late 1990s baseball.

Who I'd want to win: Braves

15. Astros vs. Dodgers -- the "I'm Still Full From Last Year Series"

What's good about it: REVENGE with a capital R-E-V-E-N-G-E!!!!!

What's bad about it: If the Dodgers lose again, I'm going to start getting flashbacks of the early 1990s Buffalo Bills. I'm also going to live in a cardboard box.

Who I'd want to win: Need you ask?

16. Indians vs. Brewers -- the "Two Pretty Bad Teams For Most of the 1970s and 1980s Series"

What's good about it: It will be a hoot watching two teams that each employed Jamie Easterly and Eric Plunk.

What's bad about it: No one can convince me that this is not a matchup between the two teams in the AL East who would have been fighting for dead last if not for a brand new team called the Toronto Blue Jays.

Who I'd want to win: Indians

So those are all the potential World Series combatants. Only one of them will end up being correct, but it's fun to go through them all.

OK, I have to prepare for the Dodgers game tonight. I also have to prepare for a Red Sox-Yankees series that I'm sure will average 6 hours, 23 minutes per game. Yeah, I have time for that.

Go Dodgers.


Section 36 said…
If the Braves face the Red Sox, I wonder if the announcers will mention that the Braves used to play in Boston.
Old Cards said…
Pulling against the Yankees - one of my favorite past times. Was hoping the A's would beat them. Should have known better. Great summary of match ups. Hoping the Red Sox make it.
GCA said…
If it's Astros vs. Brewers, then they have to swap back.
Mike Matson said…
I will be happy as long as it's anyone but the Yankees or Red Sox
Thanks for the run down.....Go Braves. Let's win 2 in LA and 3 in ATL. (Hey I can dream).
gcrl said…
I'm worried that the dodgers need to beat the yankees if they are to win. Their a's victories:
1955 over yankees
1959 over white Sox
1963 over yankees
1965 over twins
1981 over yankees
1988 over a's
It's the yankees' turn again
gcrl said…
Their ws victories is what I tried to type...
kcjays said…
I've got to root for the Brewers. I think they are the team with the most former Royals. That and I'm a big Lorenzo Cain fan. (Although I don't really care for Ryan Braun. Maybe I can pretend that it's Ryan Z. Braun, another former Royal.)
Scribbled Ink said…
I'm glad you took the time to do this post. Loved it!
Fuji said…
With the A's out of the picture... I'd be okay with anyone winning it all except the Yankees. But the two teams I'm actively cheering for are the Astros (in honor of Altuve) and the Braves (in honor of Suzuki).
Defenders50 said…
It's odd, because last year the AL was fairly close, and then this clear hierarchy opened up in the offseason.

As a Yankees' fan, this just doesn't feel like a Yankees year to me. So the other teams I'll be pulling for are the Indians, Brewers and Dodgers.
Ana Lu said…
As a Yankees' girl I always wondered why everyone that dislikes (to not use other words lol) get so many Yankees cards...because I almost get none! The baseball cards gods are all against me... =(

Based on the teams available..if no Yankees, lets go Astros!
Now that I'm over crying, let's go Braves take game 2.